April 18, 2012

Oh, hi!

Wednesday, you guys. Am. I. Right?

I still haven’t really gone to the grocery store, although I did get some popcorn and apples and cheese. And I got some Skittles because people came over for Lost last night and I figured they at least deserved a Skittle since I didn’t have anything else to serve them.

The other night I cleaned my apartment because I was tired of living in filth. I found no less than 9,000 bobby pins on my bedroom carpet.

I remembered the pipe arm yesterday. Good times.

Aren’t you glad I’m blogging today?

So yesterday’s picture of the day was supposed to be “something you don’t like.” How do I choose?! Just kidding. I chose “bats” because I am so scared of them. I’m apparently going spelunking in Guatemala this summer and my throat is already closing off at the thought of possibly being in a cave full of bats. Anyhoo, I searched bats on Pinterest and this came up. I gasped and died.

I can’t even take it. Look at those nasty claw feet things! I’m gagging. Bats are rodents that fly at your head and try to kill you. Why would you hold one in your hand and allow its devil eyes to be captured on film? ALSO, if you are afraid of bats, I do not recommend the bat section of the Omaha Zoo. You walk through a display that feels like you are in a literal cave and the bats are behind glass, but you can barely tell. And they had a bat there that was at least the size of an eagle. Let’s move on.

I do love Batman, though. I’m excited for the third movie to come out. Bruce Wayne is scared of bats too.

Ok, let’s actually move on.

Yesterday I had to write a little devotional for Hebrew, and I wrote it based on a verse in the book of Habakkuk. I blogged about it before, but I was just reminded of how Habakkuk was frightened about the judgment that was coming to Judah. Although he had been complaining about how evil the Israelites were, he was upset that God would send the Babylonians (who were way more evil) to bring judgment. But God said it would happen, and Habakkuk knew it was true. So in chapter 3, he starts listing all the things he remembers about God’s awesomeness. He remembers God’s fame, the great things he’s done, and finally he says, “I will exult in the Lord, I will rejoice in the God of my salvation.” Habakkuk chose to trust God. He chose to praise the Lord, even though he was unsure of the future. So hard to do. But so good.

OK. As usual, I have an Aramaic quiz to bomb today. Be good. I’ll see you tomorrow!


4 Responses to “Batty”

  1. kerry said

    Did I ever tell you about the time I fled from my daughters room screaming with a bat flying around? Sadly, she was 3 and I left her behind on the bed. We were reading a story. One of my finest moments as a mother.

  2. anonymous said

    Just love your blogs–so funny!

    I saw an osprey dive to the ground and grab a rat and fly off with it yesterday–reminded me of a bat. It was interesting to see since it was out of the ordinary, but creepy!

  3. […] guys, I handled this very well. Bats are my biggest fear so everyone is quite lucky that I didn’t scream or pass out or start throwing things. That […]

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