April 17, 2012

You guys, I don’t have any food at my house. I am out of popcorn, even. It’s not a good situation. Yesterday for lunch I brought to school a yogurt, an avocado, some broken tortilla chips and sugar snap peas. What was I planning to do with that avocado? I bought a sandwich instead. Someone please go to the grocery store for me.

Today is Tuesday. Last Tuesday was Sean’s Big Day. This Tuesday Sean has to stay at home with the babysitter while I do Hebrew. He is sad.

I have no idea what I was supposed to take a picture of yesterday. Needless to say, I didn’t do it. So here’s a picture of Ron Swanson instead.

Umm, I mostly spent a lot of time at school yesterday catching up. Yes, Andy. I got everything done. Andy tried to keep me from accomplishing my goals, but he failed. I almost went to a Rockies baseball game with friends last night, but then I decided to be responsible and do my freelance work in order to avoid all the firing. It’s called being a grown up, I suppose.

My pastor is speaking in our chapel services at school this week. Yesterday he talked about sloth, since that’s a super popular topic and all. He said that we often think of sloth as laziness, but it’s not as simple as that.Billy talked about sloth as us being unwilling to do the work that deep relationships require. When we’re slothful, we escape or we neglect. We’re afraid of the things that might be difficult, so we run away or avoid. But relationships are work. Love is not efficient. Whether it’s the Lord or your neighbor or friends or whatever type of relationship — it takes effort and commitment. Sloth is when we stop making the effort. It was convicting in a lot of ways. But really good.

OK, I best be going. Friendsies, keep it real. Have a good day — avoid sloth.


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