Reconciling With the End of the Semester

April 16, 2012

This is what was happening at my house last night. I have a feeling we’re all ready to be done with the semester.

Supposedly we just had a weekend. I feel like I spent most of it driving around Colorado. But I got to hang out with cool people because of all the driving, so it was worth it. Just like smiling.

Sometimes you’re supposed to get a lot done on the weekends like all kinds of blog posts and Hebrew and Aramaic and revisions for work. But other times you take naps and hang out with friends and watch Lost. All accidentally, of course.

Remember this picture of this goose who loves to wear sporty sandals? They protect his feet whilst he traipses about.

I will be living at school today, so come visit. I’m bringing an air mattress and pajamas and a tooth brush because I am not allowed to leave until I actually get some work done. It’s going to be a long road.

Also, I am apparently going to Israel in less than a month. What?! Do I need to buy a backpack or a head covering or a camera or something? Have any of you ever been? What should I bring?

Yesterday at church our pastor reminded us of the unity we can have with one another because of Jesus. On the cross, Christ reconciled us to God, and it is only because of this that we can truly be reconciled with one another. At our church we “pass the peace” which is a time you usually just use to say hi to your friends. But we purposely do it right before we take communion so that if there’s someone around who we need to reconcile with, we can do it before we take the bread and the cup, so that we do not eat it in an unworthy manner. I love that. I love that because we’ve been reconciled with Jesus, we can be reconciled to one another. It’s a beautiful thing.

OK, you guys. Stop bothering me. Have a good Monday!


7 Responses to “Reconciling With the End of the Semester”

  1. Marija said

    Bring good shoes! You’ll be doing a lot of walking πŸ™‚ Also, a scarf was handy to throw over your head if you needed a covering. I think I only used it once though.

  2. Sara Harriger said

    Double-Decker Fanny Pack.
    Large Brimmed Straw Hat (Or maybe a Sombrero).
    Large canteen for water (Preferably with a strap that can criss-cross your body).

    When my parents went, they went one place where “head-coverings” were requested… and they provided a basket of scarfs at the door… but I’m guessing having your own scarf “just in case” would be better. πŸ™‚

  3. denisemorris said

    Thanks, Marija!

    Sara, I’ve never even heard of a double-decker fanny pack. I don’t know if I’m talented enough. I’m scared.

  4. Katie said

    skirts/pants (aka things that cover your knees), bible, journal, camera. i think that about covers it πŸ™‚

  5. Anonymous said

    I think they banned women from the Holy Land. You better give me your ticket.

  6. Brad said

    Oops. That was me ^.

  7. denisemorris said

    I think they banned you from this blog.

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