Friday Listday Spectacular

April 13, 2012

It’s Friday. Which also means that it is Listday. Let’s do it.

1. Thesis proposal: submitted. I’m sure I’ll get it back with a big frowny face on it. But it’s done and in, so I don’t care.

2. My brother got married yesterday! The actual wedding and ceremony and reception and party times will not be until August, so I’ll be going home for that. But yesterday they made it official at the courthouse in Detroit Lakes. My grandpa and grandma were the best man and maid of honor. So awesome.

3. Did you know that Will Ferrell trains dogs? He’s super good at it.

4. This is a baby hippo taking a bath. He just likes to stay squeaky clean, you guys. Don’t you love him? Me too.

5. You guys. My taxes. They still aren’t done. I’m literally going to be sent to jail. This has to happen today. Help.

6. This elephant is just having the very best of all times. I hope your weekend is just as good.

7. Finally, Andrew introduced me to this video this week, and it makes my heart happy every single day. If you want your life changed, you must watch this video. It’s of Mr. G. He’s a drama teacher. He’s doing an interpretive performance. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Loves!



4 Responses to “Friday Listday Spectacular”

  1. lyddiebee said

    I love elephants! I am going to try to save up for a trip to Thailand and volunteer for 2 weeks at an elephant orphanage because I love them so much an want to pet them and feed them peanuts!

  2. lyddiebee said

    Oh and congrats to your little brother! I can’t believe he is married! I feel so old!

  3. kerry said

    I love Listday. I think you and Jilly should do an interpretive dance at the wedding celebration in August.

  4. jacischneider said

    I love that elephant so much!

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