April 9, 2012

The bloggy is late today, you guys. Forgive me already.

Did everyone have a good Easter? Mine was so good — I just love my church. We observe Lent, so during those forty days, our liturgy changes and we don’t say any “Alleluias.” It is not as joyful as it usually is. But yesterday — yesterday — there was joy. Christ has risen and we were celebrating! Alleluia! Sweet goodness. I helped serve coffee for the services because, as we all know, coffee is the most important part of church. Here is our little coffee team.

I forgot to do the pictures of the day this weekend. I am not very good at the sticking with things. But here’s something. My “friend” Brad got me this magnet solely for the purpose of reminding me that some people want to turn teacup piglets into bacon.

If you ever see Brad, you should probably put on a white glove, slap him, and challenge him to a duel.

If I’ve nagged you once, I’ve nagged you a thousand times. Start watching Happy Endings. Your life will be so much more Ah-MAH-Zing. Also, I watched the first episode of a new drama called Scandal. Have you heard of it? It was kind of good and our sweet brotha Desmond from Lost is in it.

If I co-wrote a devotional in which I make you feel guilty about not being a good enough humanitarian and ended every chapter with the phrase, “I thought so,” would you read it? I think it would be lovely.  Think meets Stuff Christians Like.

Finally, I think I’ve posted this video before, but I was reminded of it yesterday. It is sweet and tells the story of Jesus’ love. How marvelous. How boundless.

Have a good Monday, friendsies!


3 Responses to “Alleluia!”

  1. Andrew Snyder said

    So many thoughts:

    1. I love your church too.
    2. I didn’t drink coffee until 2011. Mostly for attention. Started drinking coffee last summer. Mostly for attention. I didn’t get coffee at your church….yet! Next time!
    3. That “friend” of yours…. I WILL take care of that situation.
    4. Happy endings is amazing. It’s like brio meet….yeah. It’s not like brio at all! I regretted saying brio almost immediately.
    5. Your devotional sounds killer! Would
    Buy and bathe in it probably. Who are you co-writing this with? This person sounds dynamite! Keep them in your life.
    6. There in squats the toad is a thing. It’s a new thing. Start blogging it up now. Don’t be late and miss this.
    7. That’s all.


  2. Brad said

    Your “friend”??? We are besties. Were besties.

    Your church sounds amazing and I bet the youth pastor rocks.

    Your coffee team leader is abusive.

    Andrew just slapped me in the face with a glove. Do you know what I did? I ate some bacon.

  3. […] is helping Andrew and me write that devotional I told you about the other day. It’s going to be a bestseller, you guys. So many deep thoughts, so many profound […]

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