April 3, 2012

Sometimes when the temperature changes 40 degrees in one day, my allergies act up. Miserable.

That was a boring NCAA championship basketball game. Dummy Kentucky looked so good the entire tournament that I figured they would pretty much kill it. And our very own Diana “she knows how to pick ’em” Jones moved from last place into first place in our bracket because she picked Kentucky to win it all. Congrats, Diana! Your gift basket of tomatoes and Eminem CDs and a gift card to go dancing is in the mail!

So the second picture in the April photo challenge is “color.” Which is perfect because yesterday I received brand new Fiestaware dishes from my mom! She sent them to me as a Passover/Resurrection Day present because she’s the bestest mommykins. Aren’t they pretty and colorful? I am most excited about those beautiful latte mugs.

I met with my adviser about changes to my thesis proposal yesterday, and it went really well. I’m hoping to have the proposal done by the end of the week — woo hoo!

Here’s something my friend Andy and I were discussing yesterday — in Acts 15, there is something called the Jerusalem Council in which the apostles decided if the Gentiles needed to adhere to the Jewish law through circumcision and stuff. They decide that no the Gentiles did not need to get circumcised or follow the law. However, the Gentiles did need to do four things: abstain from sexual immorality, abstain from meat sacrificed to idols, abstain from meat that was strangled, and abstain from blood.

So, if those four things are the only things Gentiles believers needed to follow, then Andy and I were just wondering why we don’t worry about that stuff (except sexual immorality) anymore. I haven’t studied it, so I don’t know why we quit caring if we were eating meat that had been strangled, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be a spiritual concern of ours anymore. Has anyone heard or read anything about this topic? If I find some time (in the midst of my whining and procrastinating) I’m going to try to look into it.

OK, I’m going to be done blogging now. Tomorrow I think we’ll chat a little bit about Passover!


4 Responses to “Fiesta!”

  1. A note on the strangled meat and blood thing… Our family raises chickens, cows, and pigs for meat and none of the processing requires strangling. The chickens are humanely, um, killed with a knife; and the cows and pigs are shot in a way that kills them instantly so as to avoid suffering. Each animal is then hung so as to drain the blood. The end product, then, hasn’t been strangled and is void of blood in the meat.

    So that sounds really gory, but it isn’t, I promise!

    I hope that helps in sorting the information in the Acts passage… And if you need meat that isn’t strangled, I’d be happy to have you visit MA. 😉

  2. jacischneider said

    I like those bowls.

  3. Sarah R said

    Can I ask you what color those mugs are? I’m guessing Shamrock and Lemongrass? I love them and want to pick up a few! 🙂

  4. denisemorris said

    Sarah, yes! Shamrock and Lemongrass! I love them so much because they’re quite a bit bigger than the normal mugs.

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