A Birthday Bike Adventure

March 29, 2012

Well, yesterday I rode a 15-person bike around downtown Denver. Bet you didn’t.

It was Courtney’s birthday and she wanted to do a Denver patio ride, so we did. It was so hilarious and fun. Basically you pedal this huge monstrosity through traffic while people in cars either stare at you stonily for blocking their progress, or take pictures of you with their phones. Then you stop at a restaurant and get appetizers or a drink and chat with your friends. Then you pedal on toward the next spot. I think Nick, our driver, was maybe used to a rowdier (i.e. beveragey-er) crowd than us. We mainly sang Florence and the Machine at the top of our lungs and took pictures. It was so much fun!

Also, you may hear rumors that I was attempting to pedal the bike all by myself to see if I was strong enough, but I didn’t know that the brake was on, so instead of pedaling, I fell off the bike. Those rumors are false. Especially since there is no photographic evidence.

One of the places we stopped had old school video games and giant Jenga sets AND skeeball!

Did I tell you that my friend Kristy and I saw a secret movie last weekend? A movie we were ashamed to admit we went to? An expensive little flick called John Carter? Here’s my review: It was long. And Star Warsish. And there were characters who reminded me of Jar Jar Binks. And it mostly felt like Tim Riggins left Dillon, Texas to try to act like he was a Civil War veteran on Mars. I’m thinking my sweet Taylor may only be able to play Tim Riggins. But you know what? I am fine with that. It just means that we need a lot more Friday Night Lights to keep his career going.

I’m at the library again today. I’m working on some ideas related to the Hebrew view of faith as active instead of cognitive. I think it’s going to be a convicting thesis.

OK, I must be off. Good day to you!

I said, good day!


2 Responses to “A Birthday Bike Adventure”

  1. smnrygrl said

    The only reason there is no photographic evidence of you falling off the bike is because you kind of hit me in the face on your way down. So I was distracted and couldn’t take the picture. 🙂

  2. kerry said

    I miss Tim. I think we need more FNL. I tried to talk my boys into the “secret” movie you mentioned. Sadly, they do not care about my love for Tim and would not accomodate me. I am sorry there is no photographic evidence of your little fall, but the vision your words conjur up as well as the “response” to your post actually did make me LOL. I am also relieved to see your topic for your thesis does not include Ninja turtles.

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