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March 28, 2012

Hi, sweet pumpkin-faces.

Thank you for allowing my post of serious seriousness yesterday. It was on my chest. It needed to be off of it.

Remember how this is the week of totally getting my thesis proposal figured out? Well yesterday I accidentally did not make it to the library because I had to do important things like coffee dates and wine dates and LOST dates. It is called priorities, you guys. Mine are in the right place.

My dear, sweet former roommate Sarena met me for coffee in Castle Rock. We talked for three hours. Oops. Mainly I blabbed on and on about the Old Testament and she was sweet enough to nod along. But I think we should maybe consider this “thesis research” because we talked about my idea and I was able to get those creative juices flowing. (I have to lie to myself in order to go on, you guys.) It was so good to catch up with Sarena. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but we lived together when we first moved out to Colorado — our first real apartments, our first real jobs, new cars, new boyfriends, new life in the mountains. We share a unique bond because we kind of learned how to be adults together. Those were good, good years.

Then I had to rush back up to Denver to meet my charming, cheery, sweetie friend Kim. Every once in awhile, we are patrons at Kate’s Wine Bar in downtown Littleton. It is our favorite because the only people who go there are fifty and up. We feel young and fresh-faced. We are hoping to make some friends and gain some life wisdom and maybe some advice on blazers and 401k plans. But so far, we just smile at the nice older gentlemen in their corduroy jackets and we eat hummus and drink wine and chat about life and The Bachelor and heaven.

See all the gray hair behind Kim?

You can tell Kate’s is classy because of the exposed brick.

Then after Kim and I hung out, I had to come back to the house for LOST with the friendsies. Courtney has joined us and she’s never seen it before. She is loving it, of course. Also, it’s her birthday today! Courtney, this is for you — happy birthday!

Clearly I had a very busy and productive day. Today, however, I am really going to be in the library thesis-ing it up. I actually feel like I’ve made a bit of a breakthrough, so I’m kind of excited to get some stuff done. That excitement will soon turn into whining. Don’t you worry.

Have a good day!


One Response to “Friends > Library”

  1. Sarena said

    It was so great to see you, Denise!!! Becoming an adult was interesting, but I’m soooo thankful that you were my roomy for those years! To everyone reading this, D’s thesis proposal is truly awesome. Personally, I can’t wait to read her dissertation once it’s done. I’m thinking she should post portions of it as blog posts. Love you, Denise!

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