60 Percent of the Time It Works Every Time

March 23, 2012

That quote from Anchorman was in my head for some reason. You are welcome.

1. I am going to see The Hunger Games this afternoon and I’m so excited!! Did anyone go to a midnight showing last night? How was it? How did Katniss do? Were the odds ever in her favor?

2. Last night a few of us went to On the Border for my friend Alecia’s birthday. You guys, it was an experience. My friend Micah had made a reservation for 12 of us. So naturally they chose to give us a brand new waitress who looked like a frightened puppy. Here are some of the many things that happened: We didn’t get water for 45 minutes, we had chips but no salsa for a large portion of the time, every all drink orders were wrong, at least five of our 12 meals were incorrect, somehow one order of queso was delivered as three separate orders (and one person in our group was charged for all three), the minute the queso came out they took the chips away, the bills were all handed out incorrectly, for a few minutes I’m pretty sure the waitress was under the table for some reason, and on and on. It was horrible and hilarious all at once. I actually thought we might be on candid camera for awhile. Then after we had paid and signed our receipts and were putting on our jackets to leave, the waiters decided to come out and sing “Happy Birthday” to Alecia. Then one of the waiters said, “bear with us a moment” because the free dessert was on its way. If he only knew all the bearing we’d done. Ten minutes later the free sopapillas came out. You guys. Why the face?!

3. Thanks to those of you who have added me on Draw Something. It’s so much fun! I was very excited yesterday because I had enough coins to get a new color package. I got the neon one. So far, it has served me well.

4. We are sad because Parenthood and The Bachelor are over. So Diana and I decided that we should start watching Lost again. We watched the first hour of the pilot the other night with a friend who had never seen it. She thought it was very scary, and it kind of was. I don’t feel like Lost is a scary show, but that pilot is pretty intense. Also, she wondered if we’d know what that weird sound in the jungle is by the end of the pilot. Oh, dear. I’ll just keep telling her that we’ll learn about it in the next episode, and hopefully she’ll make it through six seasons of not knowing what the Smoke Monster is about.

5. So I missed all of the March Madness games last night because I was in a comedy of errors at On the Border, but apparently Michigan State lost! This is a tragedy because I had them winning the whole thing. My bracket is shot, but that’s OK because it means I can cheer for the underdogs without any tension.

6. Is it weird that I think this smashed chickpea and avocado sandwich looks so delicious? I’m going to make it this weekend. Don’t even try to stop me.

7. Finally, Skeptical Hippo … is skeptical.

Have a great weekend, friends!

4 Responses to “60 Percent of the Time It Works Every Time”

  1. You don’t like to eat meat because meat is gross. But you have plans make for yourself a sandwich that looks like throw up. … Not weird at all.

  2. Jenny G said

    I too am pumped about The Hunger Games. Hubby and I are planning a sushi date and movie Sunday after church.

    The sammich looks amazing, I pinned it on pinterest and added it our menu for next week! (Yes, I make a menu– it makes shopping so much easier and limits my impulsive buys.)

  3. kerry said

    I think the sandwich looks deeelish! I have to admit the chick peas scare me a little. All your talk of drawing makes me almost want to go get an upgrade on my phone but I am banning “color” right now in favor of cotton fields. Your mom is too. I am still trying to decide if I want to read The Hunger Games. Should I see the movie first?

  4. denisemorris said

    Matthew — smashed chickpeas is very different from smashed flesh of a once living animal. Very. Different.

    Jenny — what did you think of HG? I cried a lot — it was weird to actually see the awfulness on screen.

    Kerry — chickpeas are great — go for it!

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