March Madness Friday

March 16, 2012

1. March Madness, am I right?! I’m doing OK in my bracket so far, although VCU and Iowa State messed me up. I should’ve remembered that VCU is an awesome Cinderella team. And my dad warned me that Iowa State might win — their star player is a kid from Minneapolis, after all. Basketball all weekend? Don’t mind if I do.

2. Dwight doesn’t care for hyperbole. He prefers the facts.

3. Here are five things to know about Taylor Kitsch a.k.a. Tim Riggins. Number six is that I love him.

4. I pinned this hashbrown/egg/cheese recipe on Pinterest and it’s getting a lot of repins, so it must sound good. I might make it this weekend.

5. I also found this on Pinterest and thought it was such a good idea — plastic wrap in your shampoo bottles to keep them from leaking when you travel!

My mom thought that it might help keep bad things from happening to good people.

6. Since I’m all done with Little House I’m wondering if there are some other great books I need to read. My roommate is on book six of Harry Potter and it makes me want to read a super awesome, super great, super fantabulous series again. Suggestions?

7. As a Jew, I appreciated the humor in this. (I also appreciated it as a delusional Christian girl who seems to think she’s Jewish.)

Ok, guys, have a great weekend and watch lots of basketball! I hope you’re having as great of weather wherever you are as we’re having here!




One Response to “March Madness Friday”

  1. Ivette Alegria said

    I have a suggestion for your next book. It’s also children’s lit in a Little House way. Since you love Jewish culture, I think you’ll appreciate them even more. This little family has captured my heart. The All of A Kind Family by Sydney Taylor is the story of a Jewish family living in the Bronx in the early 1900s. They are sweet, simple stories and yet provide such insights into the culture and time period. I recently re-read the first one and loved it. It’s a Children’s Lit gem that too few people know of.

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