I’m a Lazy Blogger

March 13, 2012

I’m tired. It’s hard being rich at the Broadmoor.

Yesterday we took our time making it back to Denver, stopping in Manitou Springs, and driving along Gold Camp Road, which gives you a gorgeous view of Colorado Springs.

We came back to Denver and got pizza and watched Sherlock. So, clearly a lovely evening.

Because Dad is here, I didn’t watch most of The Bachelor last night, but I did force him to sit through the After the Rose special. I’m pretty sure he loved it. Here are the couple of things I have to say about the finale: 1. Oh my dad. 2. It is telling when you have to end the episode with JP and Ashley because your engaged couple is clearly so unhappy and hateful. 3. How is Courtney being a lady doggy somehow Ben’s fault all of the sudden? Did everyone else watch the same season I did? Because she was completely horrible at being a human person, right? Right. That’s not Ben’s fault. 4. That said, Ben and his hair are pretty awful as well. 5. It is also telling when, after being asked if you’re still together, you respond, “Yes we are! … I think…” 6. I give it two weeks.

OK, I’m sorry I’m not more entertaining this week, but CIC has confused my schedule and I haven’t even tried to learn anything. Work and school have fallen by the wayside in favor of sipping cocktails at the Broadmoor. It’s just the way it is.

K, bye!


One Response to “I’m a Lazy Blogger”

  1. I am still struggling to get past the fact that in Britain Broadmoor is a high-security prison. I’m glad you put up photos of the hotel; I would hate to think you went to ‘our’ Broadmoor for the weekend… šŸ˜‰

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