March 6, 2012

Said like Kelso from That 70s Show.

So yesterday I was sitting in front of my full-length mirror in my bedroom curling my hair. The curling iron slipped from my hair and fell for a split second onto my leg. It didn’t hurt very much and I snatched it up super quickly. You guys, I have such a bad burn. It is angry red and has left a really wide gash on my leg. I will spare you a picture because my legs are not “summer ready” i.e. “skinny,” but it’s bad. This is a probably a good thing though because now that my back is starting to get better I was concerned I wouldn’t have much left to complain about. No worries!

I went to Target today and I accidentally bought a dress.

I just finished reading Little Town on the Prairie and I think it’s in my top two. Laura is growing up and they live in town now and get to do so many fun things like recite all of American history in front of the whole town. (Laura seems to think this is fun.) But she also gets to go to some parties and go sledding and hang out with Almanzo Wilder.

Ben the Bachelor is the Worst Update: Ben is still the worst.

I am loving this song “Porcelain” by Lucy Schwartz lately. You should listen.

Ok, I gots to go. I have an Aramaic midterm tomorrow and would you like to know how many minutes I have studied? Four. So, I’m gonna try to add in a few more seconds today. Talk to you tomorrow!


3 Responses to “Burn!!”

  1. kerry said

    First of all on burning the leg with the curling iron, those hazzards disappear after the age of 40 because one does not sit in front of a full length mirror with bare anything and secondly love the music choice but must admit when I first saw the picture I thought of the “happy hands” club for a minute! I think from now on I will make you my personal entertainment consultant. I am sorry to tell you no funds are available should you accept this position. You will however receive my undying adoration and be on the top of my list of most awesome people. Take care of that leg but not too quickly, I hate the thought that you will have to come up with a new ailment to whine about.

  2. denisemorris said

    happy hands! Love it. Yes, please watch and listen to everything I tell you. I won’t lead you astray. Unless I recommend The Bachelor.

  3. […] I promised I wouldn’t subject you to pictures of the burn on my leg, but I thought you should see […]

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