Friends Are Friends Forever

March 5, 2012

Hi, Internet!

Don’t you wish weekends were longer? And that you weren’t in grad school so that you didn’t have to do homework over the weekends? And that you got to sleep in more? Yeah, me too.

This was kind of a schoolish weekend. My dad is coming later this week, so I’m trying to get ahead, which means less partying (“partying” is defined as “watching TV with my friends and if we get crazy, maybe having a glass of wine”) and more studying. On Saturday my school formation group came over and we spent time making homemade pizzas, catching up and pondering the passion of Jesus. It was pretty great.

Yesterday I drove down to Colorado Springs to see my mountain. And also to attend Sarena’s baby shower. Sarena is a dear friend — we lived together for six years down in the Springs. We moved out there right after college, so in a lot of ways, we learned how to be adults together. She is having a baby boy in a couple of months, and it was so fun to get to celebrate with her.

In case you can’t tell, Sarena is the pregnant one. She’s just tiny and I apparently love wearing shirts that make me look pregnant.

I also got to catch up with so many friends — some of whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was so fun and it reminded me that the Lord has always been so good to me and provided me with great community no matter where I’ve been. I’ve always had people to talk about The Bachelor with — I mean, what could be better?

Here is a thing I would like you to know — I am looking for cute new boots, especially now that most of them are on sale. I kind of want some like Jenn’s up there on the right. Where can I get some for $1? Let me know.

It is my Grandpa Dale’s birthday today. He is one of my very favorite people ever in the world. He is funny and smart and kind. He is a barber and always has been. My entryway is covered in vintage postcards that he has sent me with sweet notes that say things like, “Denise — I like you and you like me. We’ve got a good thing going.”

The other day my Aunt Faye posted a little poem that my grandpa and his friend wrote when they were young. This is why he is awesome: “The polar bear sleeps in his little bear skin. He sleeps very well I’m told. Last night I slept in my little bare skin, and I got a heck of a cold.” Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

We’re translating chunks of Joshua in my Hebrew class, and I was reading in Joshua 13 the other night. It’s kind of a dull chapter because it’s mostly just about all of the tribes of Israel and all the different parts of the land that they inherited once they entered into it. But what stood out to me was verse 33. It says, “But to the tribe of Levi, Moses did not give an inheritance; Yahweh, the God of Israel, is their inheritance, as He had promised to them.” I love that. For the Levites — the priestly tribe — the Lord was their inheritance. Not land, not houses, not farms, but God Himself. It’s beautiful.

OK, I’m off to go stress about my thesis proposal. Have a great Monday!


7 Responses to “Friends Are Friends Forever”

  1. My boots and I made your blog! I’m pretty much famous now… It was so good to see you. We need to hang out more. ok. bye.

  2. Micah said

    Your grandpa is hilarious! I love that poem. Also, nice to see you yesterday.

  3. kerry said

    Denise I am so glad God is our inheritance always. This weekend I was pretty much feeling sorry for myself in between praying for you cuz I was worried about you. Three verses God brought to me I am sharing with you. 2 Tim. 1:13 Paul tells Timothy, “What you heard from me, KEEP as the pattern of sound teaching with faith and love in Christ Jesus.”” vs 14 Guard the GOOD deposit that was entrusted to you–GUARD it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.” I am so blessed to have such good teaching and sound doctrine to turn to in my life when all else seems to be overwhelming. I am thankful to be reminded what a precious thing it is and how I must GUARD it. Now my verse for you that I am going to pray and claim for you. Romans 15:13, “May the God of hope fill you wil all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” I pray you are filled with joy and peace as you prepare your thesis proposal and as you share all the beautiful words in your heart that bless so many! Look for something from the Laura Ingalls Museum this week!

  4. denisemorris said

    Jenn — you are SO famous. Especially with my mom and Kerry because they’re the ones who read this blog. Please let’s hang out soon!

    Doge — I jove him. You would too. I loved all of our talks yesterday. See you Friday!

    Kerry — You are such a sweet blessing to me. Are your teeth feeling better? Are you watching Parenthood? Thank you for that verse — I love Romans 15:13. He is the God of hope. And because of Him, we can overflow with it. He’s good to us. Laura Ingalls Museum?!?!?!?!?!??!

  5. Sarena said

    It was sooo good to see you yesterday! Thanks so much for coming to my shower!

    I’m kinda feeling like Jenn – a bit famous. 🙂 I’ve never been featured on a blog before…when do we sign the advertising contracts?!?! I’d like to advertise for…beef and frosted flakes…anyone that sells beef and/or frosted flakes. Because that’s what I’m craving these days. AND, you looked beautiful like always yesterday. AND are your galoshes not good enough that you must buy boots? 😉 AND, I’m glad that God can be our portion.

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  6. Donna said

    Good Will Tuesdays are $1.49 days. Boots are there but too big for my legs!!!!

  7. […] me so. I received two cards — one from my kind grandma and one from my sweet grandpa — the one who had a birthday this week. Grandma sent me $10 and some stamps (I mean, why not?) and called me “first class.” […]

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