In Lieu

February 28, 2012

In lieu of a very crabby post from a girl who is overwhelmed by school and currently drowning her back in Biofreeze, I suggest that you do the following:

* Explain why Skeletor felt the need to stand this way at the Oscars. Did she want people to be frightened of her bony leg? Did she want people to think her translucent leg was sexy? Was it a signal to an alien race that they can now invade Earth? Help.

* Bring me some baked pancake squares.

* Be impressed and a bit dismayed with how this crabby girl was able to work a whole lot of Little House on the Prairie into her blog post on Boundless this week.

* Visit Because it contains stuff like this.

* Surprise me with tickets to the Toby Mac concert here in Denver on March 15.

* Visit Kendi Everyday for some cute outfit inspiration.

* Watch the Cosbys singing Ray Charles for their grandparents’ anniversary. It always cheers crabby people up.

* Visit Kristy’s blog for some funny thoughts on why she would be great on The Bachelor.

* Remind yourself (and me) that the Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in lovingkindness. We can cast all our anxieties on him because he cares for us.

So get to it. You have a lot to do in lieu of reading a blog post here!


8 Responses to “In Lieu”

  1. laura said

    Man. I always wanted to be Rudy Huxtable when I was little.

  2. denisemorris said

    I know, right?!

  3. SaraLou said

    I wanted to be She-Ra. Because she kicked serious butt.

    And did ya hear? Half Pint is going to be on Dancing with the Stars!

  4. denisemorris said

    I did hear that, Sara Lou! So fun — they better have some fiddle music.

  5. kerry said

    Oh my word! My daughter and I had that very same conversation about skelotor’s leg! Was she trying to throw out a hip, trip her husband because clearly he was going for better hair than her or was she auditioning for Dancing with the Stars as well. Either way, Awkward comes to mind. In Lieu of feeling sorry for you I am saving all of my pity for self for as you know tomorrow morning my suffering at the hands of the ENDOdontist begins. The very word causes heart palpatations and my IBS to kick into high gear! Seriously, who can not be afraid to see a doctor whose title starts with END!!!!

  6. denisemorris said

    Kerry, you have SO much more reason to be crabby than I do. I feel so awful for you! I hope it goes ok.

  7. Lydia said

    To me, Brad looks like he is standing a little awkwardly in this picture imself. His legs are all extra wide apart and he looks like he is sticking the same leg out…only backwards. Maybe they were unprepared for the picture. Or maybe she wanted to make sure people saw how black her dress was in comparison to her legs? No idea. All I know is I am SO glad I am not a celebrity. I would have so many more of these ridiculous pictures for people to make fun of me in than just this one. Whew…I shudder at the thought….

  8. Lydia said

    and by imself, I am course am speaking with a delightful british accent and when translated into Minnesotan means….Himself

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