Feed the Birds

February 24, 2012

Fri! Day! List! Day!

1. My back, you guys, has given up on life. It’s been hurting all week and last night at kickboxing it decided to quit working. So I’ve been icing it and lying on the couch and whining a lot.

2. I love this tiny little duck. He is on a very important mission. He is probably quacking a case. He’s specquackular. I really think his detective skills are all they’re quacked up to be. You guys, I’ll be here all night. Seriously. I can’t get off the couch cause of my back.

3. So, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I will say it again. You should start watching the sitcom Happy Endings. It’s on Wednesday nights on a channel. Maybe ABC? Anyway, it kills me. Last night they called one of the characters “Tuppence a Bag” because he attracts birds. Mary Poppins plus clever nicknames? Exactly. Start watching.

4. When you have a dog who’s been rescued from a tsunami, you have to fill his water bowl in a special way.

5. Laura and the fam are living in the surveyor’s house for the winter. It is the largest, grandest place they have ever lived. It has three rooms. And a pantry. Pa made a checkers board and he and Laura play. Ma doesn’t care for it.

6. For some reason, these bacon and corn griddle cakes look so good to me. But they are filled with fat, so I’m not going to make them. Until a day that my resolve is weak. So someone make them and report on the deliciousness, please!

7. Landon Pigg is a musician who is dating Mae Whitman (Amber on Parenthood). He has a new song and the Parenthood cast made the video for it. They’re very bad at lip syncing, but it’s super cute.

Okey dokes. I’m going to try to get a massage. Have a great weekend!


5 Responses to “Feed the Birds”

  1. Ivette Alegria said

    I want to be your friend if only to watch TV with you! I just started following your blog at the suggestion of some of our mutual friends and I’m so glad I did. Happy Friday and feel better. Laura & Pa will help I’m sure.

  2. denisemorris said

    Yay, Ivette, let’s watch some shows! Who are our mutual friends? Glad to have you here!

  3. Kristy said

    I have some information you probably don’t want to know. And that I’m ashamed I knew immediately.

    Girl on TV is originally by the boy band LFO. It was written about Jennifer Love Hewitt. I am not joking about any of this.

    See? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY881RJzoLQ

    The Parenthood cast is less creepy by far.

  4. denisemorris said

    hahahah! That’s awesome/sad/awful. I’m glad you knew and could inform me. I think Jabbar redeemed the song.

  5. Katie said

    hahaha i was just going to let you know about this not being an original song. but then i realized you were right about Jabbar.

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