I’m Quitting School and Moving to New York

February 21, 2012

Oh, hi!

You guys, in my ranting yesterday I forgot to give you a Little House update! Why didn’t you tell me how disappointed you were?! Don’t worry, I’ll fix it now.

So, the Ingalls family left the prairie of Kansas and moved to the banks of Plum Creek — in Minnesota! No bigs, but I’ve been there. Whatevs. This location is where they based the show. In reality, they only lived there for awhile before moving on to South Dakota, but in the show, they stay there forever. Anyhoo, they live in a sod dugout for awhile, which was basically a house that was cut into a hill. Cozy, right? Ma swept the dirt floor a lot. This is how pathetically obsessed I was with the olden days when I was young: I would’ve given my right arm to spend the night in a sod house. Or my best bonnet.

Don’t worry, though, Pa built a beautiful house out of boughten (that’s what they call it) wood, and it was so spacious and gorgeous. (It was probably the size of my living room.) Pa got the wood on credit but the wheat crop was going to pay for it all. Was, you guys. Because then the grasshoppers came. Millions of them. They chewed and chewed and chewed and ate up all of the wheat and Pa had to walk 300 miles in his patched boots to find work. It was quite tragic. Also, I lived in Minnesota for a long time, and I don’t feel like I ever saw grasshoppers. They’ve been replaced by mosquitoes.

Shall we move on? We shall.

Ben the Bachelor is the biggest dummy I have ever seen in the history of all the things I have seen. Ever.

So Diana and I spent yesterday working on our thesis proposals and it did no go well. We’re behind and it’s so hard to figure out a thesis statement and find research related to what you want to do, and overall it’s awful and we are probably going to quit school. I’ll make a career out of blog rants. I think it can be done.

Also, my mom (and yesterday a blog commenter) told me that Oprah went and spent the day interviewing Hasidic Jews in New York. I watched the videos on YouTube, and it was super fascinating to learn about their customs. And guess what else Oprah found in New York? Black Hasidic Jews! You guys, have I found my people?!

OK, enough. If you like, you can pray that I come up with a coherent topic for my thesis. I suggest prayer, because if I don’t come up with a topic, there will be so much whining and ranting and raging and rampaging. It’s really in your best interest.

Have a good Tuesday! Shalom!



6 Responses to “I’m Quitting School and Moving to New York”

  1. She could move back to Minnesota. There are plenty of black Hasidic Jews here.

  2. kerry said

    So many colored people right here in Deer River. 😉 You would hardly be noticed Denise. Do Hasidic Jews live in sod dugouts? If you fail to find a thesis you will have a home here. A sod dugout will be about all you could afford when you fail out of college. However, I feel it would be in your best interest that we pray for you to come up with a topic.

  3. Kristin said

    Love the Little House updates!

  4. t said

    Just use the BEST thesis topic EVER: “People… am I right?”

  5. lyddiebee said

    I love Oprah…you should involve her in your thesis…or maybe Black Hasidic Jews…can your thesis involve anything? Maybe you could do a blog writing experiment involving the Wilders…hahaha
    Are these acceptable ideas? Just trying to help Good Luck!

  6. […] Speaking of emotions, I love Parenthood! I felt so sad for one couple and so happy for another one last night. I mean, Zoe and Julia killed me. But then Crosby and Jasmine made me feel all better. Also, I felt mostly just perplexed when it came to Sarah and Mark. What is their deal? They’re going to have a baby and then run off to New York right quick and pretend Sarah doesn’t have two other children and that Mark doesn’t have a creeper mustache? Is that their plan? Maybe they just want to hang out with the Hasidic Jews too. […]

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