The Big Woods Didn’t Have Many Toys

February 15, 2012

Just so you know, this blog will contain regular updates on the happenings of the Ingalls family until I finish all nine books of the Little House series. Consider yourselves warned.

So, in the Big Woods, Laura just turned five. And she got a rag doll for Christmas that she named Charlotte. It was her favorite thing ever. Also, listen up, my future children — everyone got mittens and one piece of candy for Christmas. And they were thrilled to death about it. I expect the same. Also, they just made a ton of snow candy and sugar cakes out of maple syrup and I want some right now. The dumb thing is that I don’t actually even like maple syrup, but when Laura describes it tapped fresh from a tree and boiled into syrupy goodness, it sounds so delicious. (Mom, did we try to make snow candy once? I have a feeling it didn’t turn out.)

Oh, yes. The best activity of the fall was playing with a balloon made of the bladder of the pig Pa had just butchered. So there’s that.

What else? Oh yes. Drew crying on Parenthood = Me crying at home.

I got proposed to by a stranger over on the Boundless blog yesterday, so I should be wed within the month.

So, Kristy invited me to come in yesterday as a guest speaker for the theology class she teaches at Colorado Christian University. She wanted me to talk about God from the Hebrew perspective. I’m sure the students were all bored to tears, but I had fun. We talked about how as Western thinkers we see God and theology very linearly, but the Bible shows God in such concrete, physical ways. We talked about how God’s word is sweet like honey, and how to the Hebrew mind, God is not understood philosophically or through systematic theology, but he’s understood functionally. Our God acts, he does. It was pretty fun, and I’m so grateful to Kristy for allowing me and my weird wannabe Jewishness into her class.

Well, Wednesday is a busy day for me, you guys. Every week it includes failing an Aramaic quiz and lots of other stuff. I best get to it. Bye!


8 Responses to “The Big Woods Didn’t Have Many Toys”

  1. Kerry Wester said

    Your mom gets an antique exlax container and you got a marriage proposal on the most romantic day of the year and it just gets a sentence??? I am so disappointed. I think the pig bladders and maple syrup have gone to your head.

  2. Kristy said

    The students loved you. At least Karlie did–I’ve NEVER seen her ask questions like that before. (Why do I talk about them like they’re 12?)

    Thanks for coming! Also, I tried to make snow candy after reading that book, too. Here’s how it turned out: I ate some maple syrup. Cause my mom and I are the opposite of skilled.

  3. I love the Little House books – read them multiple times as a child! Lately, I have been really appreciating your thoughts and insights into the Jewish culture. Are there any books that you would recommend that I read on the culture??

  4. Jill (Denise's mom) Anttila said

    Kristy, Denise & I are NOT the opposite of your mom & you. 🙂

  5. Kristin said

    I LOVE the Little House books. It’s safe to say that I have them memorized. My favorite?? The Long Winter. I’ve actually been working on a blog post about it.

  6. […] we can move on, but just remember that I warned you about all theLittle Housetalk you would be […]

  7. denisemorris said

    Hi, Elyse! So glad you’re liking the stuff about Jewish culture. I think it’s crucial that we understand the Hebrew roots of Christianity. I would definitely recommend “Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus.” It’s a great introduction to this kind of stuff. “Our Father Abraham” by Marvin Wilson is also great. It’s a little more scholarly, but really opens up this world. Hope that helps!

  8. denisemorris said

    Kristin, let me know when you write a blog post about it!

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