Winners, Weekend and Whitney

February 13, 2012

Oh my, so many winners! And on a Monday, even!

Here are the random results from last week’s natanaway. (I tried to match people with the prizes they wanted, but it wasn’t possible for everyone.)

  1. Ange: Mezuzah and vintage card
  2. Elizabeth Butler: Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus
  3. Samantha Nicole: Starbucks gift card
  4. SaraLouHarriger: Secondhand Jesus
  5. Kendall Davis: The Promise
  6. Stephanie K.: Amazon gift card

Congrats, you guys! Email me with your address and I’ll get your prize to you. Thanks to everyone for entering, and I’m sad that I couldn’t give every single one of you a present. If you didn’t win and you are sad, here is a video to cheer you up.

All better.

What did you do this weekend? I mostly spent time sleeping, working, hanging out with friends, churching (yeah, I said it), and studying. Also, I saw The Vow. It was OK, but not awesome. Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams were not all that good at being actors. The story itself is pretty good, though.

Whitney Houston died, you guys. This makes me sad — she was only 48, she has a young daughter, and it seems like her life had just completely fallen apart starting with bad decision #1: Bobby Brown. I loved Whitney’s music growing up. We taped The Bodguard off of TV (less cussing) and I would watch it over and over again. Who knows how many times my parents had to hear me screeching I Will Always Love You as I swished through the house in my hoop skirt and bonnet. (I was multifaceted as a child. Slash, crazy.)

Here she is performing at the Grammys in 1994. This is how I remember her.

Umm, will someone please do the work in this book for me? Kthanx.

Oh, I also watched the Grammys yesterday. I liked it more than I thought I would. LL Cool J prayed, and Bruno Mars was awesome, as were the tributes to Etta James and Whitney. Love Adele. Nicki Minaj is apparently completely insane. Did you guys watch the Grammys? What stood out to you?

OK, I hafta go. I’m apparently a guest speaker in Kristy’s class at Colorado Christian University on Tuesday, and I’ve done zero things to prepare. So I’m gonna get on that.

Happy Monday!


7 Responses to “Winners, Weekend and Whitney”

  1. SaraLou said

    NO WAY!!! I never win šŸ˜‰ You made My Monday!
    Email is on its way…
    & Thank You

  2. Alecia said

    Remember how one of your favorite friends bought you your own uncensored copy of The Bodyguard when you were old enough to handle all the cussing? I do.

  3. Kristy said

    The song about the baby pig should win a Grammy. šŸ˜‰

  4. Kristy said

    Sorry…baby monkey. On a pig. Omg.

  5. You are a sexist: Only women won prizes.

    Also, yes, the Grammys were pretty great this year. The Civil Wars should have had much more play than they did, but that they performed at all is pretty awesome. Adele was amazing. And Taylor Swift was entertaining, as usual, and didn’t sound horrible, which was not usual. Also, Lady Gaga had no occasion to get out of her seat, either to accept any awards or to perform. Overall a great awards show!

  6. denisemorris said

    SaraLou — got your email!

    Alecia — I DO remember that! I’m going to watch it very soon. Wanna join?

    Kristy — It really should. It’s brought joy to millions.

    Matthew — did you even enter the giveaway? So there. Unfortunately, Nicki Minaj took Lady G’s place in crazy town. Adele was so good. The Civil Wars guy/Johnny Depp were very good.

  7. Kerry Wester said

    What bothers me most is your mom was right. I had a 6/6 chance to not win and I did not. Fine I am just gonna buy the book I wanted anyway. And to make you feel really bad you should know I am on my way soon for my SECOND, yes that’s right, second root canal on the same tooth. You should send me a sympathy prize or something.

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