Cutting a Covenant

February 8, 2012

Literally, you guys. We’ll get to it.

So, remember how I had an unhealthy obsession with American Girl dolls last week? Well, Jaci found this awesome post about what your American Girl doll (or lack thereof) tells you about yourself. And it’s kind of true! OK, I’ll be done now. I promise.

Also, remember how you need to enter the natanaway?! You can enter through Friday to win some sweet prizes like such as, Starbucks treats and Amazon gift cards and fascinating books.

I wish I had something cool to tell you, but I was at school all day trying to get caught up on my life. I wasn’t all that successful, but I did find you this picture of a dog wearing a giant Hello Kitty head.

I had to do a devotion for my Hebrew class last night, so naturally I chose the topic of circumcision. Naturally.

We were translating Joshua 5, which just happens to be all about circumcision, and this verse stood out to me:

Then the Lord said to Joshua, β€œThis day I rolled the reproach of Egypt from upon you all.” So the name of the place is called Gilgal to this day. — Joshua 5:9

The Israelites had just crossed over the Jordan River and had finally entered the Promised Land after wandering in the desert for 40 years. At that point, God told Joshua to circumcise all the men of Israel. Although the people who had come out of Egypt had been circumcised, this new generation had not. So Joshua got to cutting. Also, this may be TMI, but Joshua was supposed to make a “sword of flint” for this job. Basically a super sharp rock. All the women of Israel were so happy with their gender at that moment.

After Joshua circumcised everyone, the Lord told him that through this ceremony, the evils of Egypt were behind them – rolled away, cut off, no longer relevant. They were about to take over their new land and new life, led by Yahweh God.

This was kind of cool to me because when we become believers, God rolls away the reproach of our former rebellion. Instead of bearing the marks of our former idols and sins, our hearts are cut with the everlasting covenant of the Lord. Although it can be a painful process to cut away the traces of our old lives, it is rewarding to be marked as a follower of the one true God.

After Israel was circumcised at Gilgal, they celebrated the Passover. While they healed, God reminded them of their rescue from Egypt through the Passover ceremony — how he had kept his promises in the past and would continue to do so in the future. As the Holy Spirit painfully cuts away the reproach and stench of our sin, God rolls away the lies we have believed and replaces them with reminders of his truth and His faithfulness. God takes away our sin, invites us to be his own, and shows us how to live as people marked by the covenant of the everlasting God.

And that’s how you get something spiritual out of circumcision, you guys!

OK, now that we’ve discussed weird things, I’m leaving. You should stick around and enter the giveaway. Bye!


One Response to “Cutting a Covenant”

  1. preach it denise πŸ™‚
    and THIS is exactly why we need not glory in the flesh (christians adopting circumcision) any longer, but keep our focus rightly on christ and circumcision of the heart. (gal 6, rom 2)

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