A Beacon In the Night

February 7, 2012

Oh my. This week is getting to me already. Tuesday, don’t let me down. One thing that will make this week awesome for you is entering the natanaway! I’m giving away an Amazon gift card, three different books, a Starbucks gift card, and a mezuzah! It is your lucky day!

So Jaci went back to Austin. Sad. We had a fun weekend, though. Our Vail trip got snowed out, but we improvised and had fun in Denver. I would post pics of our fun times, but I took literally one picture the whole weekend because I am bad at life.

You guys, I’m not saying that I watch The Bachelor, but if I did, I may have felt so awkward the entire show last night. Like I actually muted it and turned away a few times because Ben and those girls are so bad at being human people. Courtney, Blakely, Jamie, Casey — it was a train wreck. I can’t see what Knox McCoy has to say. Not that I watch The Bachelor.

This weekend I went to an amazing art show by a friend from Denver Seminary. It was very inspiring and classy and cool. Afterward I ran into Annie. We both blog and live in Denver and have friends in common, but we had never actually met in person. It was so fun to chat with her, and we’ve decided to be friends. You should definitely check out her sweet blog, Hootenannie.

The art show was awesome. My friend created an installation while we watched — it was his story of God’s redemption set to music and visual art. It was really cool. One of the songs we heard was “Winter Song” by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. I can’t stop listening to it. It’s not a Christian song, but I find so much meaning in the lyrics. It warns of an upcoming storm, a difficult time, a winter chill in the air. But we are not forsaken, friends, even when times are difficult. Even in the cold, our God is with us.

“This is my winter song to you. The storm is coming soon; it rolls in from the sea. My voice, a beacon in the night. My words will be your light. To carry you to me.”

We have hope in the storm. Love is alive. Spring is coming.

Make sure to enter the giveaway! Be good! Take luck!


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