NatanAway Again!

February 6, 2012

Woo hoo! It’s about to be a fun week on the bloggy, y’all.

Remember that “natan” means “give” in Hebrew, so we are having a “natanaway” because, clearly I like to make up words. In fact, I jove made-up words.

Last time we did a package giveaway, but this time you have a chance to win one of six prizes! Can you even believe it?

So, here are the prizes up for grabs in no particular order.

  • The book The Promise by Chaim Potok. This is a novel about a guy named Reuven who lives in New York and is studying to be a rabbi. It’s a story about friendship and faith and all things Jewish. It’s really well-written, and it’s a national bestseller so you know it’s good. Just like the Twilight series. Seriously, though, it is good. You’ll love it.

  • A $10 gift card to Starbucks. This doesn’t have really anything to do with Judaism, but the CEO of Starbucks is Jewish, so that counts, right? Also, who doesn’t love some delish coffee? No one doesn’t.
  • A mezuzah from Israel and a vintage Jewish anniversary card. This is my favorite prize, but that’s probably because I’m weird. A mezuzah is a little piece of parchment encased in wood or metal that contains Scripture from Deuteronomy. It’s the passage about loving the Lord with all your heart, soul and strength. You affix the mezuzah to the doorpost of your house or your bedroom, and it reminds you to follow these commands to love God with all that you are. This tradition comes from Deuteronomy when God told the Israelites to love him and to keep his commands on their hearts, to talk about them all day long, to teach them to their children, to think about them when walking on the road or lying down to go to sleep for the night. They were even to write them on the doorframes of their houses — hence the mezuzah. The vintage card is just cute and it has some Hebrew on it, so it is cool.

  • The book Secondhand Jesus by Glenn Packiam. I’ll be honest — this one is mostly because I just discovered I have two copies of it. However it’s also a cool book. Glenn Packiam is one of the founding worship leaders and songwriters for the Desperation Band, which means you probably already know a lot of his songs. Also, this book is about wrestling with God and finding out who he really is. Our faith does not come to us secondhand — we are not grandfathered in. This book is about truly discovering Jesus’ mercy and grace and walking in it.

  • The Book Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus by Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg. OK, I lied. I may actually be most excited about this one. This book is such a great intro into understanding the Jewish roots of Christianity. It explains Jesus’ parables, miracles, religious celebrations and relationship with his disciples through the lens of Judaism — the way the people who followed him while he was on earth would have understood him. It’s so awesome. It’s eye-opening and beautiful. You’ll be hooked. I want you to win this one.

  • A $15 Amazon gift card. Fine, I’ll let you pick out your own book. Although, I suggest Lauren Winner’s new book. Or you can pick out some music (suggestion: Avett Brothers). Or get a TV series (I demand that you choose Friday Night Lights or Lost). OK, I’ll back off. $15 gift card to spend as you please!

You guys, have you ever even seen a better giveaway? I have. But I’m not The Pioneer Woman with free KitchenAid mixers to give away every day. So this is what we get.

To enter the drawing:

1. Post a comment in this thread telling me which prize you’re most excited about.

2. Post a link to this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You can even snail mail it to your grandma. Just spread the word!

Remember, you have the chance of winning one of these six prizes. Six winners in all! The combined value of all these prizes is somewhere around $350 billion. Take that, Pioneer Woman!

You can enter the drawing until 11:59 p.m. MST on Friday, February 10. I’ll announce the six lucky winners and which prize they won next Monday, February 13.

Woo hoo! Enter away!


65 Responses to “NatanAway Again!”

  1. Steve said

    I think I’m most excited about Glen’s book. I read most of his other book Butterfly in Brazil and really enjoyed it.

  2. “The Promise” – I love that book! I came across it randomly in the library about ten years ago. I think it was my very first introduction to Judaism, and a cool one at that!
    And guess what: just before I read your blog today Denise, I came across a list I wrote a couple of years ago, entitled ‘Books to Re-read Before I Die’. What do you think was half-way down? Yup, The Promise!
    So I would say I’m destined to win it, only posting over-seas is a real faff which I would not ask you to go through for me. Hmmm… it looks like I’ll have to head back to my library…

  3. Meghan said

    We were just talking about mezuzahs in Sunday School yesterday so I think it’s pretty neat you have one on here today! Also, the Rabbi Jesus book sounds really good too. And I would never turn down gift cards ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. dawn heckert said

    So I love reading your blog in the morning while i wait to pick up the slow carpool kiddos next door, who by the way are fabulously Jewish. Today, the little guy jumps in the car and immediately want to know if I was traveling this weekend because they saw only mr. heckert and the girls going to church on their way to synagogue. Then he tells me yesterday was a Jewish celebration of the tree. He tries to remember the word for it, but can’t. But he goes on to say that you know we only eat things from the vine, except we like to celebrate with ice cream. I find that funny and we discuss for the 6 minute ride to school.
    You would like my little neighbor boy. He is always surprised when I ask to hear his new prayer our we talk scripture together.
    Here’s to give away teases on Monday and Natan in general.

  5. Becca said

    Hooray for another natanaway! I’d love to win the Amazon Gift Card. (I know that completely shocks you!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Woohoo!!! I am most excited about ALL of them ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously! Awesome prizes. Who needs a Kitchen Aid??? But since you are most excited about the Rabbi Jesus book, that and that Amazon card are the top of my list ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, Denise. You rock!!!

  7. Cairna said

    All the prizes look awesome! I probably would most like the Amazon gift card, but I would love any of them.

  8. Elizabeth Butler said

    I am most excited about the book Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus. Your Bible study at Focus ignited the spark in me to enjoy this type of thing, and I think this book would be perfect for me to read! Love your blog!

  9. I would most like a gift card, but only because I’ve read two of the three books and wouldn’t have time to read the third until next fall, but I always have time for Starbucks and Amazon browsing.

  10. I’d be really excited about the Rabbi Jesus book, but I already have it (did you know she has another book coming out in a week or so?). So I’d say The Promise is what I’d be most excited about – you know I love my books.

  11. Suzanne said

    All the prizes look amazing. However, I have many sad books that need reading and I would hate to add another to that collection. The Starbucks card, however, could have several great uses, such as a coffee date with my friend, Denise, at the 16th St. and Blake Starbucks where they serve clover brew! I’m pretty sure that we could come up with a spiritual analogy for how the clover brew process represents the Christian life. Also, I could perhaps take some of the other sad books in my collection and start giving them some love! In conclusion, I am a stay-at-home mom and I need Starbucks.

  12. Sarah said

    I am most excited about the book “The Promise” with the amazon gift card being a close second for me! Don’t know if you remember me or not….I am a friend of Jaci’s ๐Ÿ™‚ I read your blog quite often because I think you are very funny and witty!!

  13. Amy Sauder said

    The Promise looks really good…as does a cup of Starbuck’s coffee right about now =-)

  14. Ginna said

    Denise. I NEED a new book to read next month!! NEED. So the Ann Spangler book or the Amazon gift card are at the top for me. The mezuzah is also very cool!!

  15. Lydia said

    Wow…everyone wants to win! I want to win too! hehehe. I think what sounds most exciting to me is the “Sitting at the feet of Rabbi Jesus” The title just sounds peaceful and understanding Jesus from a different perspective sounds like something my heart needs. So I might go buy it even if I don’t win it…hehehe. Also “The Promise” and the amazon gift card and Starbucks card excite me as well. I love coffee, but what I really love are the Carmel Apple Spice Drinks! They especially make a great treat during my cashiering shifts at Target! They motivate me to keep working there and responsibly pay my debt down…hehehe

  16. I want the gift card because I love Lauren Winner and I want her new book. I mean, not that these other prizes aren’t great, because they are, but they aren’t Lauren F. Winner, so it’t not like a Sophie’s Choice situation at all. *fingers crossed* P.S. I really like your blog. And I’m not just saying that to win. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I’m most excited about the starbucks giftcard! With the winter blues, some coffee and a good friend would be great! Especially when you’re a “poor, starving, college student”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Anita said

    Such a great selection of prizes, but fave would probably be “Sitting at the feet of Rabbi Jesus.” I love the insights we can get from learning about Jewish customs and how they influenced what, where, when and why Jesus taught the way He did. That and the cover is really pretty and makes me wish I was dangling my feet off the back of that boat into the sea. AND, I have a Jewish last name (thanks, hubby) so I really should win something from this fab assortment. Thank for blogging and sending me a daily smile in my inbox every morning.

  19. Shannon said

    I am most excited about all of the books- I love new exciting reading opportunities! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Debbie Johnson said

    Denise! You make life difficult. How could I choose just one favorite from your list of amazing prizes?? I’d have to vote for the amazon card (it will help feed my addiction!), the sitting at the feet book, or the mezuzah (I’ve always wanted one of those…) As for made up words: do you remember Jupe from OGC? Did we ever learn what it meant? :>) Have a great day, dear!

  21. Dani said

    The Promise sounds awesome. It’s probably going on my Amazon wishlist (unless I win it, of course! ๐Ÿ™‚


  22. Ashley said

    Amazon gift card so that I can put it towards my “buy a KitchenAid mixer” fund. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Kelsey said

    Well, I really want the book “Sitting at the feet of the Rabbi” because it looks like it’s a peaceful day on the Sea of Galilee….and that is one of my favorite spots in the world and I wish I could be there now. #2 would be the Starbucks card….of course!

  24. Heidi said

    Always wanted to know more about Jewish customs and if it can transform my faith by understanding it more then so much better!

  25. I’m excited about ALL of them ๐Ÿ™‚ but especially the mezuzah, i love daily reminders. but i love books too! i’m so torn!

  26. Kerry Wester said

    I would like to win the Jewish American girl doll but since I have been informed there is a 6/6 chance I will get nothing I would be most happy to have Sitting at the feet of Rabbi Jesus Feet as I feel I need to calm the bitterness and anger I feel towards Jilly Bean today.

  27. So, I’m going to pull a typical college student move and say the Starbuck’s gift card would be my top choice. However, “The Promise” and the Amazon gift card aren’t far behind. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love the “natanaway” idea, by the way!

  28. Laura said

    1. Natanaways are apparently the way to get blog feedback!

    2. I am the most excited about the moneys, and secondly about mezuzah because it’s fun to say.

  29. Jessica said

    So if I win, I get it all right? Because it’s just too hard to choose between so many great natanaway prizes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. jwfong said

    I’m most excited about the amazon gift card, because then I could choose any book I want!

  31. laura said

    The Rabbi Jesus book. Or the giftcards. Or one of the other prizes. I like winning free stuff!

  32. Amanda Grace said

    So many great gifts, it’s hard to choose. The books look fantastic, but I think I might be vying for the Starbucks card. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. SaraLouHarriger said

    Ooo! I like giveaways.
    AND I love Denise. ๐Ÿ™‚

    That said, I love the option of allowing your Blog Readers the freedom to choose a medium of their choice via an Amazon Gift Card. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You are very generous.


  34. Anonymous said

    Denise… your blog. When I read it, it’s like I am having a conversation with you and I love that. I try to read it every day, but as you know I’m not the best facebooker. But, I do love free stuff. And, that Amazon gift card could be quite handy if I decide to get my kindle fire. You lost me though when you were talking about linking your blog to other things like pinterest :). Miss you!!!

  35. Jen G said

    Ooooh. All of these are fun prizes, but I think I would have to go with the Amazon gift card. Thanks Denise!!

  36. Hui Ming said

    I’m most excited about the book ‘Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus’ by Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg. I attended a ‘Jesus and Jewishness’ evening organized by All Souls Church, London on Jan 19, 2012. I was completely blew away by the amazing testimony of Yoel Ben David, formerly a Haredi (ultra orthodox) Jew in Jerusalem and is now the Director of Jews for Jesus UK. His personal journey of discovering the cross of Christ under unfavorable circumstances, the false accusations and persecution that were directed against him when he shared Jesus with others are some of the many great display of God’s sovereignty and goodness throughout human history! I can’t wait to find out more!

  37. I would have to say I’m most excited about “The Promise” I have read what I think is the prequelish book to that one and it was amazing!

  38. bonnie seaquist said

    oh, the mezuzah! so beautiful. 2 years ago i went to israel with my family, but did not get one while i was there….i should have! i bought olive wood utensils and even an olive wood ring, but i should have bought that reminder!

  39. Kendall Davis said

    I think I would most like the Amazon gift card or the Chaim Potok book! Also, I have just started reading your blog and I L O V E it!!!

  40. t said

    “Sitting at the feet of Rabbi Jesus”, because it would be wonderful to both hear his words. AND understand them.

  41. M Fang said

    ื•ึผื›ึฐืชึทื‘ึฐืชึธึผื ืขึทืœ-ืžึฐื–ึปื–ื•ึนืช ื‘ึตึผื™ืชึถืšึธ, ื•ึผื‘ึดืฉึฐืืขึธืจึถื™ืšึธ
    I had to read that out loud in last week in class (1st yr OT Hebrew), with the fluency level of a 3-yr-old (but improving!). And I realized this verse is the reason why Jews post a tiny scroll on their door post…and I wanted one! But didn’t know where to get one…until now!!

    Glad to discover your blog. I think we might be similar in our Jewish-luvin’ weirdness.


  42. Ange said

    I’m most excited for the mezuzah from Israel and the vintage Jewish anniversary card!!!!!

    Posted on twitter!

  43. lillydance said

    I love to read, amazon, and drink Starbucks! Overall, the most exciting gift is:

    The Promise!

    I am very fascinated with Jewish culture and would love to read a book like this!

  44. Janice said

    I’m most excited about The Book Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus by Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg.

    Sent via email!

  45. Courtney said

    The Promise is one of my favorite books ever! I read it so many times growing up. I really like the mezuzah & obv I could buy lots of cupcakes with the amazon card. P.s. 50 people commented on this!! Who knew you were a celebrity? I feel honored that I was even invited to read this blog!

  46. Kelly B. said

    Wow. What a great “natanaway”! “Sitting at the Feet of Rabi Jesus” sounds very interesting and like it could be helpful in talking with those with Jewish heritage. Of course, a Starbucks or Amazon card is awesome too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing (in multiple ways)!

  47. Lindsay said

    I’d love to win The Promise! Thanks for the contest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Can I be most excited about 2 of the prizes? Cause I am! I’d love to win either the Mezuzah & Card or Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus. Our small group has been reading through Book of the Bible (New Testament) and over and over again I find myself thinking, “I wish I understood this passage the way a Jew would have…” Sounds like the book might help me answer some of my questions!

    Thanks, Denise!

  49. Carmen said

    I’m most excited about the Potok. I loves me some fiction!!

  50. YAY!! Another giveaway….yes!!! I love when you give us presents! ๐Ÿ™‚ I must say, I am most excited about “The Promise” for a million reasons, well, just a few, but here we go:
    1. I love to read. Yes, love.
    2. I am fascinated by Jewish culture – have been since I was a kid. (Did you ever read the All of a Kind Family series? If not – you must! The books are all about a Jewish family growing up in NYC.)
    3. My Uncle is Jewish, so I like Jewish people, Jewish culture, and Jewish things.
    4. Well, I really don’t have another reason, except for the fact that I like winning. Winning is my favorite.

    Thanks for keeping us happy and well-gifted!

  51. Jenny Alger said

    I’m a friend of Kerry Wester and read your blog when she shares it on Facebook…its so fun! I think the Starbucks gift card is most exciting because, lets face it, as a homeschool mom of 5 there’s just nothing more exciting than something to rev up the energy!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. Stephanie K. said

    The Amazon gift card! I think I shop there more than anywhere else. Or maybe not. College just makes it feel like it. lol.

  53. Erin said

    I’m most excited about Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, sounds very facinating!

  54. Anna said

    I want the Book Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus by Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg! It attacks me the most out of all!!!!

  55. Angela Cinadr said

    I’d love to read the Rabbi Jesus book! Had never heard of it before now. I’m a sucker for context. And it sounds like that’s a Jesus-in-context book. Thanks for sponsoring the give-a-way, Denise!

  56. Per Wiederholt said

    I’m with you sista! My favorite gift would be the mezuzah. I love the idea of looking at it as I leave to enter the world every day and being reminded who I belong to. thanks for your generosity! I enjoy reading your most informative and unusual bloggys.

  57. Sitting at the feet of Jesus is where my heart is but i feel God leading me to “Second Hand”. Thanks for giving away these things.Gay God continue to inspire Changes in your life

  58. Andy Osten said

    I’d love The Promise, or the Amazon giftcard. I think I would be disowned by my employer if I said that I wanted the Starbucks card, plus I already get all the coffee type drinks I want for free.

  59. Kevin said

    I’m really intrigued about your blog which I learned about from Boundless, a webzine of Focus on the Family. I would like to get the Amazon gift card.

  60. Erin said

    Oh all the prizes would be fun! I think I’d really love one of the books…

    Love when you write about seminary…I started reading your blog after being at FFI ’06…normally just a lurker – never comment, but a natanaway is as good a time as ever to make my presence known ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Anna said

    I would definitely be excited to win any of them, but especially “Sitting at the Feet of the Rabbi Jesus.”

  62. Kim said

    i’m def most excited about starbucks! i love coffee:)

  63. Ummm… a whole load of your comments has suddenly disappeared here. I thought you ought to know (there are now 62 – there were at least 71. Weird)

  64. denisemorris said

    Hey, LGR! Thank you so much for letting me know. I actually deleted some that were “extras” so that the drawing would be fair and based on one entry per person.

    Also, I wanted to respond to your comment — I photographed that stuff on my ottoman. It’s a vintage one with fun fabric!

  65. Ah, I see! That’s ok then!
    Ha ha! Here’s a funny anecdote, Denise: Me panicking like that reminds me of a time when I went onto my facebook account, found I suddenly had loads of ‘friends’ I didn’t even know, panicked, deleted over half, and then realised that my sister had been on facebook on my computer, and just hadn’t signed out. I had deleted her friends! Oh no! I really had to grovel…

    You have an ottoman? That’s *so* cool!

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