Friday Snowday Funday Listday

February 3, 2012


1. Apparently it’s the storm of the freaking century outside. It hasn’t snowed in Colorado pretty much all winter, but the day that Jaci and I were going to drive up to Vail and stay at a fancy hotel and pretend to be rich is of course the one day that there is a momentous blizzard of death that closes all roads and mountain passes. Boo. So, you guys, it’s not our fault that we’ve watched so much Lost. Nature made us. The island wanted us to. It was our destiny. We want to avoid going stircrazy/being eaten by the Smoke Monster, though, so if the roads are good enough today, we’re going to head to the spa!

2. Exciting news: I am having a giveaway on the bloggy next week! I’m still working out what’s for grabs, but it will probably include awesome things like gift cards, books, vintage treasures, and Jewish stuff. So, make sure to be back Monday for giveaway details!

3. Jaci and Ashley and I visited the American Girl store here in Denver yesterday. It was wonderful. We both grew up reading the books and yearning for the dolls. Neither of us ever got any of the dolls because our moms were mean/the dolls were ridiculously expensive. But we’d get the catalogs each month and wish and wish, pretending we could get a doll and pick out her outfits. Being in the store today brought up feelings of sweet nostalgia … and a tiny bit of bitterness toward our mothers. But we forgive.

Do you see Kit’s darling little ringer washer? I learned so much about different historical eras reading those books. I learned about Colonial times and rationing during World War II, and the Underground Railroad and Victorian treats and pioneer living. You guys, no wonder I always wanted to live in an earlier era — it’s all I read about as a kid. I was into American Girl back when there were just three girls — Kirsten, Samantha and Molly (I wanted Samantha). Now they have these silly modern-day dolls that you can make to look like yourself. What do you learn about history from those dolls?! Bah hum bug. They have added a lot more historical girls, though. A Native American girl (probably should’ve been the first one anyway), two girls from New Orleans (they wear real hoop skirts!), a 70s-era girl, and a Jewish girl from New York, you guys! She has a tiny menorah! I need to read her books!

American Girl was a such big part of my life growing up. I even had a story published in their magazine when I was 12. They did not give me a doll, though. I got a stupid watch. OK, let’s move on. I’ve spent way too much time talking about dolls…

4. Umm, I think this is awesome. Because it is true.

5. Yesterday I was reading Job 1 in the Bible. Job has lost his possessions, children, everything. He is ruined. Satan has caused him unimaginable pain, and he is devastated. When he hears the news of his children, he falls to the ground in worship and says, “Yahweh gave and Yahweh has taken away. May the name of Yahweh be praised.” How? How did he do it? My prayer today is for the Lord to give us strength to praise him in the difficult times and bring comfort and peace and joy to those who need it today.

6. How do you solve a problem like Maria?

7. (This is Jaci) Clearly, Denise ran out of things to say at number 5, but she continued on with her list anyway and then handed the computer off to me. I don’t actually have anything to say, but am being “forced” into contributing. Sorry. I love reading Denise’s blog every day though, and I always check back late in the day to see if there are any clever/interesting/fun comments, but I don’t know who a lot of the commenters are, so let’s do an experiment. If you read this and if you ever comment, I would like you to tell me who you are. How do you know Denise? If you don’t know her, how did you find her blog? It’ll be a fun, like a get-to-know-you game that doesn’t involve choosing a fruit or animal or super hero. Please play along. (Aren’t you glad Denise ran out of things to say and let me write number 7?)

OK, have a lovely weekend, friends! Make sure to hustle back on Monday to enter the drawing for the Awesome Giveaway of Awesome Awesomeness!


20 Responses to “Friday Snowday Funday Listday”

  1. laura said

    How do you solve a problem like Maria solves a problem? I was so shocked to find out that Maria WAS the problem in the song. It would’ve helped to know that nuns don’t like flibbertigibbets or will-o’-the-wisps. I can understand the clown part.

    (Denise and I worked together at the same camp in Minnesota).

  2. Becca said

    Hi Jaci! Good to “see” you on here. I know Denise (& you) from David C Cook. I also used to you see you at IAC sometimes. Did you know that Denise and I were at Focus on the Family the same four years but we never met? I knew who she was because of her awesomeness though (& I used to read

  3. dawn heckert said

    Denise I loved the HP photo today. It goes with my HP marathon and Chai tea day!

    Jaci- I got to partner with Denise on David C Cook’s RIO curriculum. She is pretty awesome

  4. Kerry Wester said

    Hi Jaci, I know Denise through her mother. And today I found out that apparently I was a much better one than Jilly Bean because I bought BOTH, yes both, my daughters AGD dolls. And of course being the cool diverse family that we are Sarah chose Addie and Kim
    Kirsten. Both dolls still reside in the home. Actually so do both girls. I think I may have done something wrong. I am throwing the girls out tonight. I love reading Denise’s blog but hate her give away’s because she doesn’t let me win. Okay that’s all.

  5. Clarissa said

    Denice was my truest and bestest pal in late high school. We were summer missionaries at summer camp together. We fought over candy hunts and sang ,”Ro, Ro, Ro your Tate”. When campers had to rotate stations. We also led bible quiz, were Calvin Klien models,and she made my wedding bouquets :). Many memories of her grandpa vaccuming and grandma talking with nostalgic coca cola paraphanelia in the background. Glad your having fun! One day I want to see her again!!!!

  6. Thanks everyone, I feel like I know you all better already!

    Oh, and I know Denise because we lived together in Colorado Springs for a few years. We weren’t sure about each other at first, but as soon as we discovered our mutual lack of American Girl Dolls, love of Target, and penchant for laziness, we quickly teamed up and decided to conquer the world together. (But then it was a lot of work and we decided to settle for being good friends instead.)

  7. Dani said

    Hi Denise and Jaci! I read Denise’s blog because Jaci and I are friends from college and somehow I saw this one day and I’m a stalker and can’t stop living vicariously so I just keep reading.

    Sidenote: I also LOVED American Girl. I think that probably 80% of my knowledge of history came from an American Girl book. 🙂

  8. lyddiebee said

    I remember that story you wrote! That was an awesome story! You should post it on your blog so your followers can read how awesome your short story writing talents are (not that they don’t know how awesome they are). I remembered that story when I made my Cream of Carrot Soup from my American Girls cookbook. I too did not get an American Girls doll….sniffle sniffle. I don’t know that I would actually want someone to spend that much money for me on a doll now though. However as a kid…I wouldn’t have known the difference.

    Post your story! I want to read it again! I remember it being very touching! Didn’t you get a scholarship or something for that? You’d think they could have at least given you a doll!

  9. lyddiebee said

    7.) Okay so I commented before I got to number 7 because I was so excited about the story Denise wrote! It’s just that good! I met Denise at good old Robbinsdale Baptist Church where we instantly bonded over crushing on all the cute jocks that attended our church (of course what else do young girls do at church). J/K! We were besties for a long while. Such besties I let Denise punch me in the nose one day when we were being driven to the mall by her mom. I as going to spill the beans on who we were crushing on, but before I could open my mouth I got popped in the nose. I might even need plastic surgery. I think it made my nose swell permanently to two times its normal size! J/K! Anyways we also had some amazing karaoke experiences, camp experiences, and all in all were pretty goofy. We go way back go 8th grade and I like to read her blog because I love her spunky nature and really miss it!

    Anywayz, hope that is not too much info or embarassing…*insert innocent sheepish grin here* At least I’m far enough away I can’t get popped in the nose…teehee (I have long ago forgiven, but its fun for me to laugh about)

  10. denisemorris said

    I’m loving these responses! Such good memories!

    Laura — ha! Yes, Maria was the problem. She was so troublesome with all of her frolicking over the mountains.

    Becca — that’s still weird to me that we never knew each other at Focus!

    Dawn — Happy Birthday! You are the sweetest ever.

    Kerry — you crack me up so much. Maybe not getting a doll made sure that I moved out of the house. 🙂

    Clair — I love it so. I’ve told so many friends about “rowing your tate.” Ha! We were the coolest. Let’s be friends again someday.

    Jaci — I like being lazy with you.

    Dani — thanks for reading! Maybe someday we’ll meet in person!

    Lydia — Oh my! I had forgotten all about my violent streak with you! I am so sorry. Ha! We were so ridiculous. We were SO GOOD at karaoke. 😉

  11. Julie Abel said

    I pinned the Neville poster. I couldn’t resist.

  12. Now I kinda feel like a creeper. I actually found Denise’s blog a couple of months ago through Boundless, and I’ve been faithfully stalking it ever since. 😉

    On that note… Hi, Denise (and Jaci ;)! My name is Sam and I’m from lovely old New England. Your blog is amazing, and I love popping in here when I need a distraction from that wonderful stuff called “homework.” I’m a completely geeky math major who lives on a farm and thought for years that American girls were real people. Oh, and I love adjectives. 😉

    Blessings & thanks for writing!

    Samantha Nicole

  13. Steve said


    I believe the last time you had a giveaway you gave all of the prizes to one winner. If you are giving away multiple prizes this time I think you should have multiple winners. And I should be one of those winners. Just saying. Perhaps we will name our next child after you.

  14. denisemorris said

    Samantha — you’re not a creeper, you’re awesome! Thanks for introducing yourself. I want to visit New England. Let’s hang out. Please keep hanging out on the bloggy!

  15. denisemorris said

    Steve — there will be multiple winners this time, yes! Also, if you promise to name your next child Denise/Dennis, I can guarantee a win!

  16. Hi Jaci and Denise!
    Like Samantha, I found Denise’s blog a couple of months ago, through Boundless. I now follow her blog more than I do Boundless…
    I live in a small village in England (the original one, not the ‘New’ one!), with my parents and my golden retriever. We live in a modern 1960s bungalow, but round about are thatched cottages and old stone cottages, and up the road is the Norman church (where I worship) and the big Manor House. Our garden looks out over fields to a small wood.
    I am 24 but suffer from M.E./chronic fatigue syndrome, and have done since I was 8 (since I was 15 it’s been severe), so I don’t currently work or study. But I enjoy life as much as I can! They say laughter is the best medicine, and Denise’s blog helps a lot that way… 😉

  17. denisemorris said

    LGR — I want to come visit. Your home sounds amazing!!!

  18. You would be very welcome, Denise!

  19. i never got an american girl doll either 😦

    and jaci – i met denise long long ago at RBC. we were teen church buddies 🙂

  20. […] remember how I had an unhealthy obsession with American Girl dolls last week? Well, Jaci found this awesome post about what your American Girl doll (or lack thereof) tells you […]

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