Whatever Happened, Happened.

February 2, 2012

You guys, I really don’t have all that much time to blog because Jaci and I are busy watching season 5 of Lost. I haven’t watched it in years, and it’s pretty awesome to jump back into it in the middle, trying to figure out what is going on all over again. It’s also pretty awesome to spend time with Sawyer and his dimples and his nicknames.  I love this show.

I had teaching practicum and Aramaic quizzes to fail yesterday, but after that Jaci and I went to Cherry Creek Mall to pretend we could afford things there. We looked at all the expensive things at Anthropologie and wished and wished. Also, apparently neon is in again folks because Express and J. Crew and Gap could not get enough of the blindingly bright colors. After we tried on clothes, we felt badly about ourselves and decided to make it worse by eating delicious hamburgers at The Cherry Cricket. Then we met some friends for a round of trivia and we did not do so well with the correct answering of the questions. But we did have fun.

In my teaching practicum, everyone in the class has been sharing about their favorite and most memorable teachers. They range from grade school to jr. high to high school to undergrad, but so many of these favorite teachers have one thing in common — their character. These teachers weren’t memorable because they taught math well or they were really excellent at diagramming sentences. The teachers who stood out were people who practiced what they preached. They cared about students, they took extra time to help and nurture and be genuine. This is what sticks with people. Who was your favorite teacher and why?

OK, I best be going. It’s supposed to snow the next couple days, which is not good because we’re driving up to Vail on Friday so as to keep up with the theme of pretending we can afford things.

Have a good Thursday, friends! Loves!


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