Sing a New Song!

February 1, 2012


Jaci is here! We’re sitting on couches with our computers and a glass of wine and watching The Office. Pretty much like old times. Today I’m going to take Jaci to seminary so she can sit in the library while I go to class, because I’m a good hostess and like to show my guests an exciting time.

Yesterday I wore purple tights, a yellow shirt, a black skirt and some weird bootie wedge shoe things. It was kind of odd. I felt like an overdressed Vikings fan on stilts.

You guys, I have an Aramaic quiz today and I will fail it because 1) I don’t know any Aramaic and 2) I have refused to study for it.

The last two days, Dr. Christopher Wright has been speaking at our Denver Seminary chapels. I really like him because he speaks about mission from an Old Testament perspective. Most people automatically go to the book of Acts whenever they hear the word “missions,” but not old Wright. He knows how the OT rolls. He talked about Psalm 96 yesterday and talked about how showing people the one true God has always been Israel’s calling. In Psalm 96, people are invited to sing a new song — an old song to Israel about the goodness of Yahweh, but a new song to the peoples of other nations. Israel’s goal was to invite people into that story, to teach them the old songs of all God had done for his people. The middle of the psalm shows people of all nations ascribing glory to God, creator of all things. The end of it shows all of nature rejoicing because the Lord is coming in justice and righteousness and faithfulness.

He said one last thing, which is a quote from someone whose name I can’t remember. Sorry, SomeoneWithAForgettableName. You have a beautiful quote. “Hope is hearing the music of the future, and faith is dancing to it today.”


Here is another Gungor video, and it’s pretty awesome. It’s based on the dry bones in Ezekiel.

OK, I’m leaving now so that I can not study for Aramaic and watch Lost instead. Have a fantabulous Wednesday!



3 Responses to “Sing a New Song!”

  1. I think the quote is from Rubem A. Alves. ; )

  2. laura said

    Nice. The first thing we had to read for our Bible and Mission class was the whole book of Genesis. Was a very good place to start!

  3. denisemorris said

    Thanks, Jeff!

    Laura — such a good place to start! Yay, OT!

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