Live Together, Die Alone

January 31, 2012

The title is a quote from what totally awesome TV show?

You guys, Jaci is coming to visit tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It deserves lots of exclamation points.)

She’s just coming to hang out so that we can both avoid all the school and work we should be doing. We’re going to eat and go to trivia and spend some time up in Vail pretending that we are rich. You never know what kind of crazy will go down, you guys. We may even watch Lost. And by “may” I mean “definitely will.”

This is Jaci and me visiting Tim Riggins' house. He wasn't home. We were sad.

Speaking of Jaci, she got me a book called The Wilder Life last time I went to Austin and I’m still reading it because school is so rude and prevents me from reading important books about modern-day people who travel around the country visiting the sites where Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in the 1800s. Anyway, the book is really making me want to visit Walnut Grove again to see the Laura pageant that happens every summer. Also, I kind of want to spend a night in a dugout. Also, yes I realize that I am insane. Oh well. Where’s my bonnet?

Anyhoo, it is just a good friends week. Yesterday I got to have lunch with my friends Steve, Ginna and Matthew. Steve and Ginna used to live here in Colorado, but then they were mean and moved to Wisconsin. They were in town this weekend, though, so we got to hang out and I got to be friends with their sweet baby Gwyn.

I’m so behind on season 2 of Downton Abbey, you guys! I’ve only watched the season premiere. Who even knows what’s happening with the Crowleys and old Bates and horrible Thomas?!

So in this semester of Hebrew, we’re translating big chunks of the book of Joshua. We’re going to see how the Israelites entered the land and how God provided for them. We’ll probably see them succeed and fail and be rebellious and repent. Kind of like us. In the first chapter of Joshua, Moses has died and Joshua has taken over leadership of the Israelites. Throughout the chapter, Moses is referred to as the “servant of the Lord” and Joshua is referred to as Moses’ servant. My professor pointed out that it is not until the very end of his life (in chapter 24), that Joshua gets the title, “servant of the Lord.” What a great honor — to be someone who has lived their life in service of the one, true God in whatever role he has called us to.

OK, gots to go. I have about ninety million things to do today, and I am very lazy, so it’s going to be a tough one. Luckily the kindred will be here this evening to cheer me up!


6 Responses to “Live Together, Die Alone”

  1. Kerry Wester said

    I, unlike you, know exactly what’s up with the Crowly’s and Bates. Thomas has schemed in unbelievable ways and our dear Matthew may have gone missing. He may have even fallen in love with someone other than “our dear Mary.” Darling you really should catch up.

  2. Brandy said

    Denise–this is a little unrelated. I’m thinking I heard a new DC Talk song on the radio! Do you know anything about this??

  3. Ginna said

    Hmm, yes. A million things to do. We have 6 people coming tonight to stay with us for the week and yet here I sit… in my bathrobe… reading your blog:). Had so much fun with you this weekend!!! Say hi to Jaci!!

  4. lyddiebee said

    Did I ever tell you the tragic story of my bedtime bear carebear and plum creek…..I love walnut grove. I have pictures of myself in a dunce cap in her school….haha

  5. denisemorris said

    Kerry — our dear Matthew and our dear Mary! How I miss them!

    Brandy — what?! It may be a Newsboys song. Michael Tait is now with the Newsboys and I know Kevin Max sang on a couple of the songs on their latest album. I heard it on the radio one day and felt so nostalgic!

    Ginna — I miss you! Jaci and I talked about how great you and Steve are. Come visit again soon.

    Lyddie — Yes, you did tell me that story! Let’s go visit Walnut Grove together!

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