Because I Missed You

January 30, 2012

I’ve missed you, friends. I took last week off of the bloggy because Ohio wore me out and gave me a cold, and then school decided to be rude and start back up again. So it was kind of a weird week and I was tired and mainly just wanted to lay on the couch or snuggle up in bed instead of blogging or doing Aramaic or working. But I missed you. Throughout the week, I would think of little things I wanted to tell you, or a video I wanted to show you, or a picture of a teacup piglet I knew you would just love but then I remembered I needed a little break. But now I’m back. Let’s be friends.

I have so many things to tell you! I got my hair cut and the Brazilian Blowout treatment on it last week. I LOVE it, you guys. First of all, the stylist was so great, and I highly recommend him. If you live in the Denver area, let me know if you want to try him out (if I refer people, I get a free service!). Secondly, the blowout was amazing. It made my hair so smooth and shiny and manageable, which are things I have never said about my hair once in my entire 29 years. The treatment lasts for three months, so you should so get one. You’ll love it. This picture is a bad representation because I took it myself with my iPhone, but still. The shiny!

So, spring semester started! I am apparently trying to become all kinds of lingual because I’m taking Hebrew and Aramaic this semester. Hebrew = awesome. Aramaic = less awesome. Aramaic tricks you because it has the same alphabet and many of the same words as Hebrew but then it sneaks in some weird endings and some odd letter switches and some trickster vowels. So when I read it I feel like I should understand it, but I don’t. It is mean.

I went to my friend Sean’s wedding last night. He married a sweet girl named Abigail and they will live happily ever after. It was a beautiful ceremony in a cool old building with a gorgeous stained glass window. The reception was in another cool little building with hardwood floors and old bookcases. We had Thai food for dinner, which I thought was a supremely awesome idea. Here are the very few pictures I took (notice that I failed to get any of the bride and groom).

It was a really, really fun wedding.

You guys, lately I’ve been realizing how truly evil I am. I am rebellious and so sinful and so heard-hearted. I am stiff-necked and always straying. Every inclination of my heart leads me to be selfish or thoughtless, cruel and idolatrous. I have been convicted of so many things in so many different areas lately. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been a Christian for so long that I forget or overlook all the sin in my life that Jesus has rescued me from. I know that I am a sinner saved by grace, but I don’t feel it. Lately, I feel it. And I am grateful. I am so overwhelmed with my inability. I can’t become good on my own. Half the time I don’t even want to. I walk — eyes wide open — into sin. Who can rescue me from this death? Thanks be to God, who delivers me though Jesus Christ our Lord!

He is compassionate. He is gracious. He is merciful. He has saved me from myself. So good.

Finally, I would like you to watch this Gungor video for two reasons. 1) The lyrics are awesome. “When death dies, all things live.” I look forward to the end of death, no more sting. 2) There is a beatboxing cellist. Bam. Enough said.

Happy Monday, friends! So glad we’re hanging out again. See you tomorrow!


One Response to “Because I Missed You”

  1. Jill Denise Anttila said

    I Samuel 15:23: For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubborness is as iniquity and idolatry. Uh oh.

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