Partying Like a Rockstar

January 17, 2012

Oh, hi … O.

Get it?! I’m in Ohio, you guys. Get it? The cleverness knows no bounds.

We’re in a little town called Dalton where two of our Axis employees are from. We had a donor meeting at their church and got to present to parents about Axis and what their teenagers are hearing from the culture. We showed them this video. A lot of us are drinking sewer water.

So the other day I went to my friend Elijah’s fourth birthday party. There was a race car piñata.

The partygoers. You never know when it might rain in Colorado, so Nehemiah wore his galoshes.

Elijah may have gotten a tiny bit of frosting in his hair. Or he might just be growing green patches of hair.

I got him a tepee for his birthday. Kim texted me about what a blessing it was to get it all set up in his room. I think she really appreciated me. At least Elijah seems to be enjoying it.

So my post over at Boundless this week is about God’s grand narrative. He’s telling such a good story.

So, we were talking last night about how many students fall away from their faith when they go to college. I think we’ve spent a lot of time telling students to not drink and not have sex and not party because life will be better and happier if they don’t. Or there will be super negative consequences if they do. But some people have sex and drink and party and are perfectly happy. They don’t experience negative consequences. That’s why I don’t think this is the right way to talk about the reasons for being faithful. If we do it that way, we’re preaching a prosperity gospel.

I think we need to teach kids about God’s character and the relationship with Jesus that he’s invited us into. We need him — we need his sacrifice. There’s no way we can do it on our own. Once we’ve repented and accepted his salvation, we follow him because his way is true and right. We follow Jesus and his law and his commands because he is good and we can trust him. When we look at God’s character throughout the Scripture, we can conclude that he is compassionate, loving, merciful, good, patient and true. When we read his grand narrative, we see that he loved us so much that he sent his son for our sins. If he’s willing to do that for us, then we can trust that his way of living is best and right — whether we always get to do what sounds fun to us or not.

I think we need to rightly see and understand God. Our behavior will flow from that. It’s something I need to practice.

OK, I gotta go find a tepee to fall asleep in. Have a happy Tuesday!


One Response to “Partying Like a Rockstar”

  1. Kim said

    I hate that teepee. it attacked me…repeatedly.

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