Cheerio, Old Chaps!

January 10, 2012

I finally took off my nail polish that has been chipping for the last week and a half. So that’s exciting.

Also, I was planning to do a whole lot of reading over my break from school. But I seem to be mainly doing a lot of TV-watching on Netflix. I finished The Hunger Games, and was so sad and unmotivated to start a new series. So I turned to British drama instead. After I finished Downton Abbey I started in on the BBC’s Sherlock. It’s so good! It’s Sherlock and Watson in modern-day London and old Holmes is as clever as ever. He just kills me.

Watson is played by "Jim" from the original British version of The Office.

So, I got suckered into buying/chose to buy a Living Social deal for a Brazilian Blowout for my hair.  I read up on them, but I feel like I still don’t quite get it. So it was probably a good purchase. Basically, it will make my hair smoother and shinier, right? I know they use some chemicals, but I used to get relaxers on my hair, which is pretty much like covering your head in flesh-eating lye and fire, so I think this milder protein solution will be OK. I guess we’ll find out when I leave the salon bald. Have any of you ladies ever done one?

So, Denver has gone insane. People literally broke into a sports store to steal a Tebow jersey because you can’t find them anywhere anymore. Special. Also, apparently Tebow threw for 316 yards on Sunday, and his favorite verse is John 3:16. Superstition veiled in Christianese abounds. However, I watched the news last night and two cool things happened: they read the entirety of John 3:16 on the news, so tons of people in Denver heard a very important piece of Scripture, and John 3:16 was the top Google search yesterday. So in spite of Christians turning the Broncos into something superstitious, people are looking into God’s Word. For that, I am grateful. Let’s pray that people dig deep and discover the truth of Jesus.

I wrote a post for Boundless the other day about how I spend so much time in a very Christian world. My friends are Christians, I go to a Christian school, I go to church. I rarely have meaningful conversations with people who do not believe the same things I do. I don’t tangibly reach out to the poor, the needy, the spiritually bankrupt. I don’t do a good job of living out the Great Commission. Do you guys? What are some ways you reach out to those in need?

OK, I best be off. Sherlock is waiting. As is my thesis proposal. Cheerio!


9 Responses to “Cheerio, Old Chaps!”

  1. Anonymous said

    Gack! I luuuuuurv Sherlock!! It’s the greatest. They need to hurry up and come out with the second part of the series already!

  2. Ashley said

    Maybe your thesis could draw Old Testament truth from modern day British TV shows? Two birds–one stone, I say. Brilliant!

  3. Lydia said

    As far as reaching out to those in need, I used to volunteer at TreeHouse (which is a Christian based non-profit) that works with at risk youth in the community. I facilitated support groups for youth which was a lot of fun (hard work sometimes but fulfilling). I also started working at Hennepin County in the Human Services field where I help clients with addiction problems obtain benefits related to their path to recovery. Most of the organizations Hennepin County contracts with are faith based (which is interesting considering the whole separation from church and state thing). I also try to volunteer to serve meals when I can (which is hard because I dont have the resource to feed 30-40 people) in shelters. I actually ran into one of my coworkers in the shelter my church serves at. It was a pretty cool experience to be able to rejoice with him over him finding his own apartment. I also used to volunteer to serve those in need at the Family Place in St. Paul and you can probably find a “Project Homeless Connect” to volunteer at in Denver to help connect homeless people to resources in your community. You can partner with a homeless individual and learn all about them and their story. Its amazing how close we all are to homelessness without really even realizing it. I highly recommend seeking out service opportunities. I have learned so much about God and how He works in real life (outside of the Bible) than how He used to work. It really is enlightening, uplifting, spiritually fulfilling, and extremely challenging all at the same time. Not that you really needed or wanted a novel..but since you asked….here’s my two cents!

  4. kerry said

    Sometimes spending time with only Christian’s can be hazardous to your faith and your compassion. I spent a significant part of my day trying to remind a friend from childhood who is now a pastor that making fun of people just isn’t funny. Period. I would much rather spend time with the unsaved because you can at least excuse and understand their insensitive and unkind ways at times. I just need to spend more time with Jilly bean and then I wouldn’t have such a negative opinion of fellow believers. On the flip side, being a nurse and working at a small town hospital affords me multiple opportunities to cross paths with ALL kinds, and I mean ALL kinds. God is so good to allow me this opportunity to love as He loves, I just fail miserably at it when it comes to His children! I will work on that.

  5. The second series of Sherlock has just aired over here on British television. I don’t know how long you guys will have to wait for it though…

  6. …is just airing I should say. We’ve had episodes 1 and 2, episode 3 will be showing tomorrow evening.

  7. denisemorris said

    Are they good, LGR??? I think they’re airing over here in May.

  8. I am thoroughly ashamed to say (hides head) that I haven’t watched them yet. But! I’m going to start tomorrow and I’ll let you know… (The reviews are all raving about them.)

  9. So… Sherlock and Watson were just as good in themselves, but I wasn’t so keen on this series as I was on the last. But other people seem to love it, so maybe it’s just me…

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