Too Much

January 4, 2012

I had all these things I thought I was going to tell you, but then I forgot all of them. So, good luck with the reading of whatever it is that I’m about to come up with.

Umm, Parenthood was back on last night, so I had my weekly cry fest. Every episode. Every. All. Oh, also, season 2 of Parenthood is on sale for $15 at Target this week. It’s usually like $40 so that’s a pretty awesome deal. You should get it. (Season 5 of Friday Night Lights is also $15 this week because it’s clearly Sale On Awesome Best Shows of Ever All Times Week at Target.)

So for my last semester of Hebrew this spring, we apparently have to tutor students who are in their second semester. Dr. Dallaire, I think you have some misplaced trust in my Hebrew skills. As in, it’s going to be a rough semester for whichever poor student you place under my tutelage. You may have a lot of false teaching to correct.

I wrote a post about books and reading and discernment and like such as over on Boundless. People are giving me a lot of book recommendations, so if you’re looking for some good books to read, I’d head over there.

So I’m doing some editing of Rio, the curriculum I wrote awhile back. One of the lessons I recently went over was based on Genesis 5, which is entirely a genealogical list. Now, in case you were wondering, it’s kind of tough to write a compelling Sunday school lesson for 5th graders based on a list of a bunch of hard-to-pronounce names. But apparently it got done.

Genesis 5 includes Enoch, a man who “walked faithfully with God 300 years.” That’s a lot of years to be faithful. And he did it. And apparently God walked with him, so much so that one day Enoch just “was no more, because God took him away.” Pretty awesome.

As part of my curriculum we wrote devotionals for the leaders each week. I was editing the one based on this Genesis 5 passage, and was reminded of how cool God really is to be willing to spend time with us. Here’s an excerpt:

God shows up in smoke and fire, with lightning and thunder, in great glory and overwhelming majesty. His holiness is unbearable to us — a people of unclean lips.

God is too much for us.

But as we read Genesis 5, we again see the gentle God who draws near, who creates humans in His image. We see the God who wants the names and descendants of His people recorded in His Word. We read of the great God who allows a sinful man to walk side by side with Him for 300 years. This magnificent God encourages and rewards our feeble attempts at faithfulness.

He is too much.

He really is.

OK, I’m going to be done now. My body is sore from all the resolutioning and burpees and lack of chips and chocolate. Have a good day and stay classy.


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