Let’s Pretend the Vikings Will Be Good Someday

December 5, 2011

Well, hello!

My apartment is freezing. As in, my fingers are cold while typing this. The things I do for you guys, typing and what-not so you can read a bunch of nonsense each day. Also, I suppose I could go turn the heat up. But the thermostat is way over there, and I am way over here. See.

Umm, I just spent way too long creating that arrow. Good use of time. Who needs to pass classes when there are arrows to insert into pictures?

So, I was planning to go to Denver’s Parade of Lights on Saturday. The parade is a bunch of floats all done up in Christmas lights and cheer and festiveness. It’s in downtown Denver, and it’s pretty fun. But then Saturday was so snowy and cold, and my sweatpants were so cozy and warm. So I stayed in with my fireplace instead. It was a good choice.

The Vikings and Broncos played yesterday. I felt very conflicted and stressed. My loyal heart cheered for the Vikings, but my logical brain wanted to cheer for the team I knew would win in the end. I was actually impressed with the Vikes for doing as well as they did. Get Christian Ponder some protection, and convince Allen to get his defense in check and you’ve got a real live NFL football team!

So, it’s Advent, you guys! Advent is about waiting for Christ’s coming. We get to look forward to celebrating his birth later this month, and we joyfully anticipate his return. Woo hoo! My pastor talked about Isaiah 40 yesterday at church, and it killed me. In a good way. You should take a second to read that chapter. It’s beautiful.

He talked about how God is great and mighty — he has created all things and calls the stars out by name each night. By name. That is a lot of of names. But God is also compassionate — Isaiah 40 says he brings comfort to his people, that our way is not hidden from him, that when we grow weary, he does not. How encouraging. Our God has got it all. It’s such a sweet reminder in the midst of life — whether your life is exciting, mundane, disappointing or filled with hope. I like it.

OK, have a good Monday — two more weeks left in this semester! It’s crunch time. The whining is about to get out of control, y’all, so please prepare yourselves. See you tomorrow!


3 Responses to “Let’s Pretend the Vikings Will Be Good Someday”

  1. Courtney said

    If you moved to Florida, you would not be cold. : )

  2. Lydia said

    Bet you it took you longer to take that picture and insert the arrow than it would have for you to get up and turn up the heat…;-)

  3. Jemima said

    Bless you for this post Denise i needed to re read Isaiah 40 today 🙂

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