Because Apparently This is a Food Blog

December 1, 2011

What up, December?!

As the old saying goes, “December comes in like a lion and then the snow in Colorado will probably melt away in a few days.” That’s how it goes, right? We’re supposed to get some Snow and Winter and Ice here in Colorado today. It was only 60 degrees yesterday. This state’s psychosis is entertaining.

So, I’ve slowly been getting my appetite back. I’m trying to keep it at bay as long as I can. I managed some oatmeal with granola, bananas and pomegranate seeds yesterday. Also, I tried coffee again. I got through about half a cup.

I am assuming you want to know each and every thing I ate yesterday. I’m going to just keep going with that assumption. On to dinner!

So for dinner, I made a new recipe for curried chickpeas and quinoa that I found on Pinterest. I know it sounds kind of weird. But, you guys, it was so good!

I think the secret was the curry powder. It was just a really good combo of flavors, and I ate it with garlic naan. In conclusion, I think you should make it.

OK, that’s what I ate. Let’s move on to how I thought there was a bird in the fireplace. (I have nothing theological to talk about today. Can you tell?)

So, earlier this year, I was convinced that there was a tiny little bird chirping in my fireplace. I made my friends Courtney and Diana listen for it, and they concluded that I was insane. Umm, clearly, I replied. If that’s news to you, then you haven’t known me very long. But also, I think there’s a bird in the fireplace.

Turns out there was no bird in the fireplace. Or, probably more likely, there was a bird in the fireplace, but it saw a light at the end of the long chimney tunnel and flew out to light and freedom and the outdoors.

Anyway, today I was sitting on the couch trying to figure out how to use InCopy, the new program I’m supposed to be using for editing lessons for work. (There’s a theological story in that. Mainly that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.)

All of the sudden, I heard a bird chirp. Like for real. Heather, my roommate, heard it too. Mainly because a short chirping sound is the new text alert on her phone. So now whenever her phone goes off, I’m going to be shooting worried glances at the fireplace and she’s going to have to talk me down from the imaginary bird ledge. It should be fun for her.

Well, this is apparently how I’m choosing to start off December here on the bloggy. You all are privileged readers.

See you tomorrow!


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