Of Demon Horses and Dumb and Dumber

November 23, 2011

Wow, that’s a dumb title.

We’re doing list day a bit early folks, because tomorrow is a holiday and I will be too busy eating to be bothered with blogging. Priorities.

1. My friends Becca and Jeff and their sweet girls stopped by school yesterday! I’ve worked with Becca, but they recently moved to Kansas City and I never see her anymore. It was so good to catch up, and chat and whine about writing together.

2. I’ve gone to the airport twice in the last two days. Denver’s airport is not in Denver. It’s basically in Kansas. It’s seriously so far from where everyone in the entire world lives. I’m sure it’s nice that no one has planes flying over their houses, but seriously, airport. Move on in. Also, they have a demon horse at the airport. This is what greets you as you drive in:

It’s about nine million feet tall, and its eyes literally glow red like that. Welcome to Denver!

3. In Lauren Winner’s book Mudhouse Sabbath she talks about a lot of Jewish traditions, and one of them is the mourning period. When you’re in mourning for a relative who has died you say the Kaddish prayer. It is an odd prayer for mourning, because it says nothing about being sad. Instead, the prayer goes like this: “Blessed, praised, glorified, exalted, extolled, mighty, upraised, and lauded be the Name of the Holy One, Blessed is He, beyond any blessing or song.”

The mourner’s prayer is one of praise to God. Lauren says this: “Even in the pit, even in depression and loss and nonsense, still we respond to God with praise. This is not to say that the mourner should not feel what he feels — anger, disbelief, hatred. He can feel those things (and shout them out to God; God can take it). You do not have to feel praise in the intense moments of mourning, but the praise is still true, and insisting upon it over and over, twice a day every day, ensures that eventually you will come to remember the truth of those praises.” Beautiful.

4. Here is one of my favorite pictures from Pinterest lately.

5. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I am going to spend time with friends down in Colorado Springs. I will be making my Grandma Winnie’s cornbread stuffing. What are you making?

6. I also like this picture. Coach. Tammy. Love.

6. Hey, if you want to, you can subscribe to my blog and get an email whenever I update it! Just click “hecks yes” at the bottom of the homepage. That way I won’t have to annoy my Facebook friends with so many links. Everyone wins.

7. I hope you have a lovely weekend and get some good rest. Be thankful for all He has done!


5 Responses to “Of Demon Horses and Dumb and Dumber”

  1. That demon horse also killed the artist and someone else had to finish it. That thing totally freaks me out. Oh, Bluecifer and your anatomical correctness.

    Also, I love that pic of the Taylors. Love love!

  2. denisemorris said

    Bluecifer! ha! I know — I think it seriously may be possessed. I miss the Taylors.

  3. denisemorris said

    You read it through your subscription. I’ve since fixed it.

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