Mission Unpossible

November 21, 2011

Anyone know which cartoon character said “unpossible”?

On Friday, Diana, Kristy and I went to the brand new H&M in downtown Denver! Have you all been? They had them all over Europe when I was studying in Spain in college, and I have felt a great void in my life ever since I left. H&M has cute stuff and it’s super cheap, which satisfies all of my shopping requirements. I’m trying to be very Wise and Frugal lately, but couldn’t leave the store without buying something, you guys. Unfortunately, I chose to buy a giant dress that looks like a sack when I put it on. Apparently I was so desperate to get something that I was willing to buy a dress that was clearly too big for me because I couldn’t find it in any other size. Umm, so when you see me in it this winter, just pretend that it looks lovely and not like I’m drowning, K?

We also spent some time on Friday watching the 1st Mission Impossible. The new one is coming out soon, and the previews look fun and Sawyer, is going to be in it, so clearly I’m in.

Oh hi, Sawyer.

Anyhoos, we want to see the new Mission Impossible, but figured we should watch the previous ones first. Well, the first one was made in 1996, and you can tell. They use cell phones the size of books, and they’re always busy typing away on ginormous computers and using lots of floppy disks to carry around secret lists. Also, I don’t want to give anything away, but I was very excited to see Emilio Estevez is in it … until he had a run-in with an elevator shaft. He will not be coaching any fledgling, preteen hockey teams any time soon, you guys.

Last night my friend Karen had a few of us over for an early Thanksgiving dinner. See how lovely? The candles mean we are Sophisticated.

Karen is a sweetie, and she got each of us personalized cards. We spent some time catching up and talking about the Lord and just being grateful for one another. See?

I have always been so thankful that wherever I’ve moved or worked or gone to school, God has provided awesome community for me. Life is hard sometimes, but it is always better when you have people to share with, eat with, and make fun of floppy disks on Mission Impossible with.

I wanted to end the blog post right there, but I felt guilty and poor grammar-y about ending with a preposition. Umm, so OK, I feel better now. Good day to you.

I said good day!


9 Responses to “Mission Unpossible”

  1. Kristy said

    You need to wear that dress soon so I can see what I talked you into buying. It was so cute!

    Ah, Fes.

  2. It sounds like You’ve Got Mail. I love that film (especially all the golden retrievers – are there really that many golden retrievers in New York?), but they all use dial-up! So dated.

  3. Suzanne said

    However, Little Grey Rabbit, that movie depicts New York in a better day … before 9-11. I love that movie.

  4. Suzanne said

    Oh, and Denise, Re: the dress. Can Mr. Cinch help?

  5. denisemorris said

    Suzanne, I don’t even know if Mr. Cinch can rescue me this time! It’s a flowy dress, and a belt might make it look funny. We’ll see, though.

  6. I LOVE RALPHIE!!!!! Best. Simpson’s character. Ever.

    p.s. what do I win?

  7. denisemorris said

    Eva, nice work! Me fail English? That’s unpossible!

    You are now the proud owner of my undying admiration!

  8. YES! That’s exactly what I’ve always wanted!!! Merry early Christmas to me!

  9. denisemorris said

    I like to make dreams come true.

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