Remember the Pipe Arm?

November 4, 2011

It’s like remembering the Alamo. Except weirder. A lot weirder.

Friday list!

1. Lately, some people have found my blog by searching for “picture of traffic ticket” because remember this? Also, I was recently reminded of that day I saw that dead body/pipe on the side of the road! That was such a traumatic time in life, you guys. It was when I first realized that I am quite insane.

2. We have had two snowstorms and Heather and I haven’t turned our heat on. This is because we are cheap. I’m also finding it to be some kind of weird challenge to keep warm without turning the heat on — it must be my Ingalls Instinct ™ kicking in. I’ve been using my cute little vintage heater (that I thought was a fan), the fireplace and candles. With those things it gets to over 70 degrees in here, so we’re doing an awesome job. Take that, winter!

3. My friend Katie texted me this week and it made me happy. I went to college with her — we lived on the same floor freshman year. She was from northern Minnesota and came down to the big city for college. She adjusted with ease. I was from the big city — the university was about 15 minutes from my house. Instead of adjusting with ease, I decided to freak out because I was homesick and scared of being an adult. Literally —  15 minutes from home. Katie saw this poor pathetic girl who was always talking to her mom on the phone and moping around the dorm and crying in chemistry class, and she felt sorry for the patheticness. She got me an encouraging card and some Oreos because she is the kindest and most thoughtful person alive. It bonded us for life. I miss Katie.

4. Last weekend when I was babysitting the boys Elijah showed up like this.

He felt that we urgently needed to go to the store for some eggs so that we could make cookies. He had searched high and low, and there were no eggs, so we had better get going. There was a nip in the air, so make sure to put on some gloves and a hat. Luckily, a quick glance at the shelves in the fridge that are too high for the three-year-old eyeline showed plenty of eggs. Elijah took off his winter attire, and we got to baking.

5. Denver Seminary opened a new student center this week. It’s so great! There’s a fireplace, and a little cafe, and couches and chairs, and a game room. You can talk and study and talk. I spent two hours there yesterday, and I got a lot of talking done. Not so much with the studying, but the talking was great.

6. Strategery.

7. I was reminded at small group yesterday to stop and take time to think over all the blessings that God had given me that day. I had thought that yesterday was a normal day in which nothing spectacular happened. But as I contemplated it slowly, I realized that I had so much to be grateful for. Yesterday I got to sleep in, I was warm and cozy, I had a hot shower, hot coffee and a good breakfast. I went to class and learned about the importance of unity from the book of Ephesians. I spent time next to the fireplace in the student center, chatting with friends. I got a text from Katie. I had some free time to relax before I went to small group to fellowship with others. So many blessings that went unnoticed. God is good to us in so many ways each and every day. Let’s remember to notice.

I’ll be in the library today if anyone needs me. Please need me. I don’t want to be in the library. Have a great weekend, friendsies!


9 Responses to “Remember the Pipe Arm?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Dear Denise,
    Last night, MJ was passing through Vermont and he stopped in for dinner. It was great to see him and then I started down memory lane of Colorado. I didn’t get to share this out loud while we were all talking, but something in conversation made me think of this exact post of when you ran the traffic light and the picture was taken. HAHA. Thanks for reposting – it was on my mental to-do list today to look up that picture and have another look 🙂

  2. denisemorris said

    Hahah! Jess, I miss you! Also, I love trips down memory lane. Glad you took one. Hope all is well with you — miss you lots!

  3. rachel said

    oh man. i think the pipe arm post might be my all-time favorite post from your blog. i literally laugh myself to tears when i read it. no really, my husband just shushed me because our son is napping and i’m laughing too hard.

  4. You were 12 minutes from home.

  5. denisemorris said

    Rachel, I’m glad my complete insanity can cause amusement!! Someone should benefit from it.

    Mom, hush.

  6. So it has been 100 degrees for months and months here, but last night it got down to the 30s and we pretty much immediately turned our heater on. You and Heather are so much more hardcore than Josh and I.

  7. denisemorris said

    You’re officially a Texan now, Jaci! Wuss!

  8. Eva Joy said

    When you wrote “Katie saw this poor pathetic girl who was always talking to her mom on the phone and moping around the dorm and crying in chemistry class” I read “Katie saw this poor ATHLETIC girl who was always talking to her mom…” and I absolutely couldn’t figure out what that had to do with anything.

  9. denisemorris said

    Eva — I was just trying to talk myself up. Ha!

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