Poor Me.

November 1, 2011

I took my theology test. I think it went well. And by “it went well” I mean “I probably maybe didn’t get an F or have to leave any sections of the test completely blank.” I define success fairly loosely.

I spent most of yesterday feeling sorry for myself because I have to learn things. Then I got a pumpkin spice latte and I felt better for about three minutes. Then I felt sorry for myself again because — learning. And books. And library. Who doesn’t get depressed by having to know the difference between predestination and election? Exactly.

Actually, as I wrote an essay about the personhood and function of the Holy Spirit last night, I actually felt pretty grateful for what I’ve learned. Our professor reminded me recently that I often think of the Holy Spirit as an it rather than a person. He is God, equal to the Father and the Son — he has an intellect, a will, emotions, just like the rest of the Godhead. Many of us (or at least me) think of the Holy Spirit as something we can control. If we want to express the gifts of the Spirit, we try to control how that happens, believing if we pray the right way or find the secret code, the Holy Spirit will jump into action. If we believe the gifts have passed away, we tell the Holy Spirit he is to remain silent because we don’t believe in such silly things any longer.

But the Holy Spirit is God. We submit to him in reverence. We communicate with him through prayer, and he leads us in the process of sanctification. Thank you, Spirit.

In less holy news, I hope each and every one of you watches Parks and Recreation. It is by far my favorite comedy on TV right now. If you have Netflix, you should go watch the episodes “Soulmates” right now. I said, right now.

That’s about all I’ve got unless you would also like to know that I got a “Protein Bistro Box” at Starbucks yesterday (pretty much they give you a boiled egg, four grapes, and a swab of peanut butter) and then after that I went to Twitter and retweeted a bunch of people who dressed up like Friday Night Lights characters for Halloween because that is also a show you need to watch very immediately right this second and I’m not kidding, why have you not watched it yet? 

OK, I’ve got to do some Hebrew now. Back to feeling sorry for myself. Have a good day!


8 Responses to “Poor Me.”

  1. Good thoughts on the Spirit. He gets the shaft a lot in our considerations of God. In fact, I’m in Systematic Theology 3 class right now where we are talking of the Spirit and who He is and He is STILL getting the shaft because we are being so vague.

    Not that I have arrived at NOT giving Him the shaft. Just sayin…

  2. denisemorris said

    Thanks, Joel! Yeah, he is a bit more mysterious than the rest, but that doesn’t make him less important. Where are you going to school?

  3. Little Grey Rabbit said

    I think your comment to Joel about the Holy Spirit being more mysterious, hits the nail on the head. The thing is, *he* has no ‘personality’ for our relational selves to grasp hold of: Jesus is pretty easy (or seems so!) because he was a human too, and we read stories about him eating and drinking and talking and weeping etc., and the concept of Father is familiar to most people. But spirit? No voice, no face, no body, no equivalent-human-relationship; it’s a tough one!

  4. denisemorris said

    LGR — it definitely is tougher to grasp! One of the things we talked about in my theology class that helped me was that he has a mind/intellect (he is sent to teach in John 14), he can be grieved, so he has emotions, the Bible talks about fellowship with him, so we can chat!, and he has a will (the things of the Spirit are opposed to the things of man).

  5. I remember several times in my Master’s program actually going out and celebrating a barely passing grade on an exam. Sometimes life just got in the way of studying, and being at a seminary, I felt they should understand.

    Also by life, I mean all-night Euchre games and The Wire marathons.

  6. denisemorris said

    Herschel — what did you study for your Master’s? Also, I’ve played Euchre a few times and it’s fun. But my game is Nertz. And I’ve heard The Wire is really good. Have you watched FNL? I think you should heed my advice.

  7. I got my MA in Counseling. The Wire is the best show ever made. Friday Night Lights is up there as well. Seen it all.

  8. Little Grey Rabbit said

    True, true, I hadn’t thought of all those things. Poor guy! (And of course, he does have a name, now I come to think of it – Comforter! Which clearly shows interaction with us on an emotional level!)

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