Snark, Sabbath and Sugar Cookies

October 31, 2011

Oh, hi, you guys!

First things first: the winner of the book, DVD, card and gift card from last week’s giveaway is Joy Hoelscher!

Joy, email me with your address, and let me know if there’s a Chick-fil-A near you. If not, let me know what restaurant you’d like a gift card to. Congrats!!

For all you losers, I’ll try to have another giveaway soon!

So, on Friday I went to a Sabbath dinner at a friend’s house. It was pretty awesome because we had some delicious fall food and we each brought a scent that invoked a memory. I was in charge of lighting the Sabbath candles and saying the Hebrew blessing. Since I do nothing with decorum, I managed to be in the midst of some snarky comment right when I was supposed to light the candles, so I literally said “I will kill you” in one breath, and “let us pray” in the next. I then burned myself as I was trying to light a match, so I whined and forced someone else to light the candles while I stumbled through the Hebrew prayer. It was classy.

It is traditional to light two candles at Sabbath because God said to “remember the Sabbath” (Exodus 20:8) and to “observe the Sabbath” (Deuteronomy 5:12). Every Jewish blessing begins with the words, “Blessed are you oh Lord our God, king of the universe.” We always remember to bless God — he is the one responsible for every blessing we have, so we thank him first.

I spent the rest of my weekend with my boys. I babysat for my friends Kim and Miah, so I got to hang out with Neo (5), Elijah (3) and Jonny (9 mos.).  It was good times. We went to Chick-fil-A, we ate pop tarts, we set up train tracks, we watched Thomas and Friends, we baked sugar cookies, and we read. We also spent a lot of time doing things like this, so clearly, I’m worn out.


Jonny preferred a more sensible photo.

The boys were so sweet and good and we had a lot of fun. But I’m also exhausted. Props, for reals, to parent-type people. You have a very busy job.

OK, so I have a big theology test tonight, and I literally

have not even looked at one word of a study guide. I think I’m supposed to know something about the Holy Spirit or Calvinism or Arminianism or some other things I don’t have any clue about. Gots to get to it.

OK, bye. See you soon — bless God today!


6 Responses to “Snark, Sabbath and Sugar Cookies”

  1. You’re welcome for lighting those candles for you.

    Also, I’m excited that Aunt Joy won the prize! Maybe she and Uncle Don will just have to come to Colorado Springs for a visit, and we can all go to Chick-fil-A together! (I knew I would get a piece of this CFA action one way or another.)

  2. Kristy said

    Good luck on your test. I had a dream last night I was a TA for the theology department, but they liked Katherine better than me. I apparently have issues. 😉

    And feel free to call if you have questions. I know my theology, yo.

  3. Kerry Wester said

    Ok so I will not be bitter that I didn’t win but I am glad that Jill didn’t either. Also, to show I am not bitter, I will pray you pass your test, Dear Jesus, please help me not be bitter and please if you think Denise should pass let her pass her test, but only if you REALLY think she should. Amen.

  4. denisemorris said

    MJ — yes, thank you for lighting those candles. Joy, do not share your CFA with Matthew! You won it fair and square!

    Kristy — can you just come take this test for me? I had no time this weekend — I’m so in trouble!!!

  5. denisemorris said

    Kerry — hahah! Umm, thank you?? 😉 There will be more chances for you to win. I promise!

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