The Roots

October 26, 2011

Hi, friends!

Thanks for stopping by — we had lots of new friends here yesterday and it was so fun! Please keep visiting and tell your friends. And don’t forget about the awesome giveaway; people can enter through Friday evening. Chick-fil-A, Mudhouse Sabbath, A Ray Vander Laan DVD and a vintage, Hanukkah card are up for grabs!

So, I want to share just a little bit about how I became so interested in being this weird Christian-who-loves-Jewish-things-and-subjects-all-her-poor-friends-to-listening-to-her-rants-about-the-Old-Testament-and-the-importance-of-understanding-the-Hebrew-roots-of-Christianity-type-person.

I was kind of a weird child, and I liked to read non-stop. (I also ordered the salad bar every time my family went out to dinner because I loved salad and thought the salad bar was pretty much heaven on earth. Like I said, weird.) So, I read lots of Christian fiction (Janette Oke, baby!) but I also read some really good historical Christian fiction by Bodie Theone about the Holocaust and the establishment of Israel in 1948. They were interesting, and I learned a bit about how the Jewish people were connected to Christianity through the Old Testament. Then after college I went to the Focus Leadership Institute and heard Ray Vander Laan speak about the culture of Jesus’ time. It was fascinating and opened my eyes to an entirely new world.

Overall, I started to realize that the Old Testament and the traditions of Judaism that came from the biblical text were crucial to understanding what Jesus was like, what he believed, and how he lived out his faith as the perfect representation of God and humanity. I started to believe Paul’s words in Romans that we have a lot to learn from Judaism because, “you do not support the root, but the root supports you.”

I’ve been a Christian since I was five. I grew up memorizing Scripture for Awana and youth group — I was in Bible quizzing, you guys, and it was hardcore. You think the NFL is intense? Try going up against a bunch of Baptist teenagers who have memorized Philippians. Cutthroat. I had read the Bible consistently for years, and I thought I knew it pretty well. And then I started to learn about the Hebrew roots of Christianity and I realized that there’s so much more to know about our Scripture. It’s fascinating, it’s mind-blowing, and it has convinced me that our God is so amazingly intricate and cool.

Anyway, we’ve got so much to discover and learn about our God. It’s really fun and I think you’ll like it. We can eat at the salad bar, talk about Jewish things and be friends.

Speaking of salad, it’s snowing today. (I’m good with transitions.) We’re supposed to get a foot of snow in Denver! And it was literally like 75 degrees yesterday. My heart isn’t ready for winter yet. It makes me sad. Fall, please come back! We weren’t done being friends, and I miss you.

Anyhoos, I have a huge test on Thursday, so I plan to be cozy at home today, studying, avoiding the snow and making this yummy meal.

Have a good day, friends! Leave a comment to win the drawing, read Romans 11, and I’ll see you tomorrow!



11 Responses to “The Roots”

  1. indyink said

    Denise, I’m a Bible geek too. It’s fascinating stuff, and the more I read, the more it concerns me that so many people of our faith have no idea what’s in the Bible. (That’s not a Jesus Juke, just an observation.) I think that explains the rants. At least, that’s why I’ve ranted from time to time. 🙂

  2. denisemorris said

    Indkyink, thanks for the comment! It is crazy how much we don’t know and how it can make our faith so much richer when we learn these things! Thanks for justifying my rants. 😉

  3. Michael said

    The Thoene series is one of my favorites! I actually plan on rereading them from the beginning sometime soon; I love the descriptiveness and drama that’s in them, especially the later ones that go back to the New Testament times. Great stuff, that.

  4. denisemorris said

    Michael, they are really good. Theone and Rivers are Christian authors who are really good writers and realistic in their portrayal of life. Sometimes that’s hard to find. I reread the Zion series a couple years ago and they were as good as ever!

  5. Rebecca S said

    bible quizzing – W00T!

  6. I have been reading your blog for about a year now – your posts always make me smile! Theone and Oke were my favorite writers when I was young too…I have a feeling we would have been good friends as children. Have you ever watched “That The World May Know” by Ray Vander Laan? I love those….

  7. denisemorris said

    Elyse — that’s one of the things in my giveaway — a Ray Vander Laan DVD! Umm, we should totally be friends. Let’s make it happen!

  8. kerry said

    Denise, I am sorry to inform you that your weirdness is most probably due to the fact that you are your mothers daughter and she homeschooled you. It’s a good thing though. I have learned all things Jewish from your blog. Sorry about the snow but you can’t say you weren’t warned. Gary was watching ya know.

  9. Wait, you were homeschooled? Me too!

  10. denisemorris said

    Kerry — so true about the weirdness. I was warned about the snow. The weather was coming.

    Elyse — clearly this friendship was meant to be.

  11. Alecia said

    I’m on my way over for dinner. You should know better than to make Thai food and not invite me. I’m disappointed.

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