October 25, 2011

Natan is “give” in Hebrew. We’re having a giveaway, friends!

Here’s what’s up for grabs.

  • The book Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner. It’s one of my very favorites. Lauren used to be an Orthodox Jew and then she became a Christian. Mudhouse Sabbath is about what she misses about the traditions and holidays of Judaism, and what those practices have to teach us about Jesus. She’s interesting and super clever. You will love it.
  • Walking With God in the Desert DVD by Ray Vander Laan. So Ray Vander Laan is the reason I love learning about the Hebrew roots of Christianity. I first heard him speak when I was at the Focus Leadership Institute. I know I exaggerate a lot, but it literally changed my life. Ray opened my eyes to the magnificent things we can learn about Jesus, the gospel and the Bible when we begin to understand the culture of the Bible. It’s fascinating stuff, you guys. This DVD is Ray Vander Laan with a group in Israel, talking about how God often speaks to us in the “desert” times. When life is difficult, God is there — closer than ever.
  • A vintage Hanukkah greeting card. You know how in December, Hanukkah rolls around and all the sudden you’re like, “Shoot! I totally forgot to buy Hanukkah cards this year!” And then you go to the Hallmark store, but all their Hanukkah cards are so modern and new and boring. And you’re like, “Man, I totally wish I could find a vintage Hanukkah card!” Well, you are totally in luck! This card is darling, vintage and ready for all your Hanukkah needs!
  • A $10 gift card to Chick-fil-A. This pretty much has nothing to do with Judaism or Christianity, but it’s a pretty sweet gift, so deal with it. Also, they only have like one item made from pork on their menu, so we can go ahead and pretend it’s semi-kosher or something. (If you win, and you’re in an area without Chick-fil-A, just let me know and I’ll get you a gift card to a restaurant of your choice.)

Yay for presents! The value of these products combined is probably somewhere near $60 billion. I’m generous.

To be entered in the drawing, I’d love it if you’d do these two things:

  1. Leave a comment on this post saying which giveaway item you’re most excited about.
  2. Share the link to my bloggy on your Facebook or Twitter account.

The giveaway is open until Friday, October 28 at 11:59 p.m. MST. I’ll pick a random winner and post the results next week!


82 Responses to “NatanAway!”

  1. Kate said

    Um. The Ray Vander Laan DVD. Obvs. I had never thought of Jesus and His ministry in light of Him being Jewish (which sounds like it should be so obvious) before hearing Ray at Focus. Such cool stuff! πŸ™‚

  2. Meghan said

    I LOVE RVL but I’m also kind of excited about the “Mudhouse Sabbath” book! πŸ™‚ Both sound really interesting!

  3. Debbie Johnson said

    Hey Denise Ruth! I would love Mudhouse Sabbath…I’ve read her other book Girl Meets God. It was wonderful. Plus I’m going to need something to occupy my time during those long, dark, cold MN evenings. πŸ™‚

  4. ashley said

    How did you know I had Hanukkah needs? I love anything vintagey and cute!

  5. Connie Post said

    I would love the Mudhouse Sabbath book! I have a good Jewish friend whose salvation I have been praying for. I would love to read this woman’s perspective.

  6. Jeremiah said

    Do super duper awesome friends qualify for this? If so, I’m really excited about the awesome yellow couch cover! I can’t wait to win it!

  7. laura said

    I’m most excited about the vintage greeting card, of course! (already own mudhouse sabbath)
    Also, I think chik-fil-a has some Christian origins…not sure, but that totally qualifies it for this give-away. πŸ™‚

  8. Alecia said

    I’m most interested in every all of the items. I like free stuff!

  9. I love me some Chick-Fil-A… the first book does sound like it might be interesting=)


  10. Jen G said

    What a fun giveaway! I probably would be most interested in the Ray Vander Laan DVD as I have heard good things about his stuff, but never actually seen any of it! (The Chick-fil-A gift card would be a close second though.)

  11. Anita Schwartz said

    Oy! The Hanukkah needs we have with a last name like mine. Cutesy and vintage just show the importance of tradition–a Jewish way of life. Plus, I think the Chick-fil-A gift card would be pretty sweet and save me from having to slave over a hot stove making chicken soup (chicken soup… chicken sandwich… close enough!)

  12. rachel said

    Mudhouth Sabbath sounds really interesting. i LOVE reading about the jewish traditions you explain on this here blog, and so i’m sure i would enjoy the book just as much! (also, a gift card of any sort is surely the way to my heart, but i’m pretty sure chick-fil-a isn’t a word that’s normally even uttered by my fellow south dakotans. i’ve only heard stories of such a place…)

  13. Rebekah Largent said

    I REALLY want the Ray Vander Laan DVD. I hope I win!

  14. Rebecca said

    I’m so excited you’re doing a giveaway πŸ™‚ I told all 8 people that I know on twitter. Plus everyone on FB. LOVE YOU!!

  15. Amanda said

    what if I’m very excited about TWO give-a-ways??? My Bible study girls and I were just talking about Mudhouse Sabbath so I’m excited to read it…and how could I NOT be excited about free CFA???? Even though if my Sabbath is Sunday then I can’t enjoy both simultaneously πŸ™‚

  16. Paula said

    Looks like the perfect weekend in. A good book. My favorite food, send a note to a friend, AND watch a good dvd. Perfect weekend.

  17. I would like some free Chick-Fil-A please.

  18. Megan said

    I’m so glad I followed Jeff Abel’s link to your blog just a short time ago! And seriously, it’s a toss-up between Mudhouse Sabbath and RVL’s DVD… I love to read great books but also, hearing RVL once at FLI wasn’t enough!!

  19. I want all of it, except that vintage card. Because I’d probably just give it back to you, because you’re the only person I know who would really like to receive it — besides, maybe, a hipster, who would enjoy getting it, but only ironically.

  20. Anonymous said

    The RVL DVD captured my attention and sounds like it would meet me exactly where I am in this season!

  21. Shannon said

    I am most excited about Chick-fil-A as I have never been but always wanted to go! I don’t have facebook or twitter (I KNOW!) but I would be honored to receive any of these items. I have really enjoyed your blog and love your sense of humor Denise. Thank you for your generosity!

  22. Emily Zeh said

    ooops, the previous anonymous comment was from me πŸ™‚

  23. Blair Huff said

    It would be a toss up between the vintage card and the book. I love Lauren F. Winner and have been wanting to read Mudhouse Sabbath. My frined Miri is a messianic jew and would love the the card.

  24. Kerry Wester said

    That anonymous comment was from me your faithful blog follower Kerry Wester in Deer River, MN who I might add is also a friend of your moms. Plus, I had a root canal yesterday and winning your giveaway would make me feel better.

  25. Amanda Grace said

    Too many excellent choices, Denise. It’d be a toss up between the Ray Vanderlaan DVDs (top notch teaching) or the Mudhouse Sabbath. I’ve so appreciated the explanations you’ve provided on Jewish holidays.

  26. Clarissa said

    I can geuss whose posts is your moms…! Umm, am loving how the first book sounds. I will be super offended if I don’t win and feel this is a true test of our friendship. Haha, just kidding!! …..kinda… Seriously though, what a fun giveaway!

  27. Jenni said

    I would like the Mudhouse Sabbath book. I’ve heard really good things about it but have never read it myself. But. I really would take it all. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  28. Elisha said

    I think I’d like Muddhouse Sabbath the most because I haven’t read a good nonfiction in too long or the vintage cards cause I love all things vintage and have quite a few friends that would like them!

  29. I would love the RVL series! My sister is walking through the biggest desert season she’s ever faced, and it would be great to share with her!
    Pick me, Pick me!

  30. Elisabeth said

    I’ve heard great things about Ray Vander Laan, but I have to be honest and say that since I’m spoiled rotten to be in the place he’s talking about, at the moment I just might be more excited about the Chik-fil-A.

  31. Russ Nemec said

    I’d love the RVL DVD!

  32. Donna Dorman said

    It is very close between the Ray Vander Laan video and the book. I strive to incorporate those traditions in our lives and teach the children how to see Jesus in them.

  33. kjerstenjoy said

    Mudhouse Sabbath, please πŸ™‚ [already have the RVL video]

  34. Emily Darlow said

    The Ray Vander Laan DVD would be awesome! I’ve always wanted to find out more about the Jewish holidays and would like to actually celebrate them in the future.

  35. i would definetly like to check out the Walking With God in the Desert DVD… would love to win it… but if not, might have to hunt it down, sounds super interesting. also, who doesn’t love some Chick-Fil-A!

  36. Martine said

    RVL!!!! I have heard so much about him and would LOVE to watch the DVD :). As always, loving the blog!

  37. Danielle said

    I am most excited about Mudhouse Sabbath! I went to Israel for 5wks this summer and am just soaking up anything I can about the culture and religions.

  38. Joy Hoelscher said

    Ray Vander Lann is awesome. This DVD sounds great as the others have been. When my trip to Israel comes, I want him as my tour guide. Till then, I will keep watching DVDs. This would be a great addition.

  39. The Ray Vander Lann DVD sounds awesome. I love learning about the Hebrewness of Christianity.

  40. Jacob said

    I can’t lie… I’m the most excited about Chick-fil-A! As a presem student, the Hebrew stuff would be cool, but as a broke presem student, the free food is cooler. πŸ˜‰

  41. Cairna said

    Chick-Fil-A!!! Yum!

  42. Anonymous said

    I just like free stuff. I’ll probably re-gift anything I win….. soo…. yeah πŸ™‚

  43. Dawn said

    Mudhouse Sabbath would be interesting. I love to read.

  44. Anonymous said

    oops, that last one was from me, Mary Rose…how many Mary Rose’s do you know Denise? πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  45. I’m most excited about the Muddy Sabbath book and the Chick-fil-a gift card!! (I LOVE TRUETT CATHY!!)

  46. The book Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner please πŸ™‚ sounds so interesting. I cannot wait to go do missions overseas long term πŸ™‚

  47. Julie Abel said

    I want The book Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner and the Chick-fil-a card. Everything else I would give to Peg my Office Manager. Mainly because I try to buy my employees’ love and devotion. And because I’m pretty sure Jeff has the other stuff. BTW You are awesome.

  48. Cindy Hart said

    Mud House Sabbath looks like a real interesting book to read!

  49. afenlon said

    Well I must say I’m just excited other Christians are exploring these Jewish roots as my husband and I attend a messianic synagogue. The Ray Vanderlaan DVD looks sweet.

  50. Lindsay said

    I’d love to read Mudhouse Sabbath!

  51. kaila said

    the mudhouse sabbath book sounds awesome, i would love to read that (maybe over Christmas… er… Hanukkah… break)!

  52. Both the book and DVD sound interesting. I enjoy learning more about the background of Christ and his disciples, and would like to know more! Thanks

  53. TIffany said

    The book by Lauren Winner sounds awesome. I have always enjoyed learning about other cultures, and I think learning about Judaism and what it could teach us about Jesus and Christianity today sounds great!

  54. Anonymous said

    I enjoy a good book and Good food! I want to be like your Mom when I grow up! ( I am 55)

  55. Donna said

    I enjoy a good book and Good food! I want to be like your Mom when I grow up! ( I am 55)

  56. Heather Eure said

    I’m most excited about (hopefully) winning because it’ll prove all those cereal boxes wrong. The years of taunting “You are not a winner” is about to cause me to lose it.

    Oh, and the Ray Vander Laan DVD would be pretty sweet. πŸ™‚

  57. Peg Wiederholt said

    Denise! A young lady by the name of Julie Abel says I “must” hook up with you. After reading your story, I would agree with her, finally. LOL She’s my ‘boss’ @ Family Life and is a blessing to me. I’m a Hebrew roots follower, too. i hope to get to know you better. I love, love, love talking about, reading about, studying about, eating and wearing and doing ANYthing Hebrew/Jewish. More Hebrew than Jewish I guess. I get the whole, “Are you Jewish now?” comment a lot and just chuckle. Anywho, glad to be a voyeur of your blog, (only recently actually sort of understood what a blog is-thank you Julie).
    I could go on and on but I’ll stop now.

  58. Andrew Hess said

    I rank these items in the following order (greatest to least):

    1. RVL DVD (he’s real smart)
    2. CFA coupons (I need some to get me through until the next opening in Aurora)
    3. The vintage Hanukkah greeting card (I could hang it in my cube)
    4. Lauren Winner book (just ordered my own review copy)

    I suggest you weight entries by number of facebook and twitter followers, @klout score and general likability.

  59. tdubcity said

    I just want to comment and say that Denise is the bomb. She has good stuff to give away. Take her stuff. If you do not take her stuff her apartment will not continue to have a minimalist look. It is that look that helps her write. You want her to write, right? So, take her stuff. P.S. I have dibs on the Chik-Fil-A. The other stuff might harm your health.

  60. The DVD would be incredible πŸ™‚ I have recently been purging out anything secular (books, movies, music) and replacing it with godly counterparts πŸ™‚ Anything to help me look Upward in this dark world is a blessing!


  61. I love giveaways. So fun!

    The Mudhouse Sabbath book looks interesting, and I’ve been looking for a good book to read lately!

  62. Andy Osten said

    The DVD sounds awesome. I’ve heard him speak once during seminary, and I think I learned a full semester’s worth of information in about 2 hours…it was awesome!

  63. Anonymous said

    Chic-fil-a baby! btw…have you ever read “A Year of Living Biblically” by AJ Jacobs? It is hilarious…my OT professor at seminary loved it. Craig

  64. Judy Olsen said

    Mudhouse Sabbath would be my choice. It is fun to connect with you Denise.

  65. Kintz said

    I have to say it’s a tie between the book and the food. Food for my stomach (delish chicken…) or food for the soul (I love clever people. I hope to learn from them since I’m not particularly clever.)

    That’s pretty much all I’ve got. πŸ™‚

  66. Ashley said

    I don’t know you well, but I know people who know you well and I like them. So, I like you. And your blog. Woot! Hard to choose on the selections above, but I’ll go with the Mudhouse Sabbath. Will have to pick it up even if I don’t win!

  67. flashcolorado said

    My first impulse would be the Chick-Fil-A gift card but then the wrestling starts…feed the stomach or feed the soul? The better part wins out as I realize I’d rather delve into the marvelous world of Ray Vander Laan and digest the fruit of the Word and experience even more of the life of Jesus. Heaven knows, having had a child with cancer, we’ve experienced enough of the desert to appreciate the lessons learned there.

  68. I’m most excited about the book! No, the movie! No, the Chick-Fil-a….ummm, I guess I’m torn. Great prizes!!

  69. Anonymous said

    Im most excited about the book, heard wonderful things about it! I am in the Peace Corps serving in Africa and would like to take it back to share with others!

  70. Kelsey said

    I’m most excited about the movie! I’m a new Christian and feel it would be an awesome way to really dig into my faith.

  71. I didn’t think anything could be more exciting to me than the CFA gift card!!! However, I think in this case, that is at the bottom of the list πŸ™‚ These are awesome prizes, all $60 billion dollars worth!

  72. Arlene Rauchbauer said

    The Mudhouse Sabbath sounds like what I live in… 5 guys one Mom-I so like many of the traditions with Judaism… The quiet of the Sabbath , ahhhh. Longing for a good read!

  73. Dani said

    Fun fun! πŸ™‚ I have to confess that I love Chick-fil-A waffle fries very deeply. (Side note, I also read Bodie Theone in high school and loved her!)

  74. Rachael said

    The gift card… because if you can find a gift card to a restaurant anywhere within an hour’s travel from where I live, you’re AMAZING. I don’t even know of any chain restaurants anywhere around here. Mostly there’re just little hole-in-the-wall taquerias and comedores.

  75. I think the thing I’m most excited about is the RVL DVD…or the million dollars you’re giving away. That’s one of the prizes too isn’t it?

  76. Shannon said

    I would be thrilled with Walking with God in the Desert –and on DVD!? Pop some popcorn and call it a fascinating night at home : )

  77. Elizabeth Butler said

    I would love either the Mudhouse Sabbsath book or the RVL CD…ever since I was in your Jewishish Bible study at Focus I’ve found all of this stuff so interesting!

  78. Per Wiederholt said

    First, THANX, Julie. You can buy my love & devotion ANYTIME. I would love the Mudhouse Sabbath book and the RVL cd. Julie has talked about RVL a lot and I need to get up to speed. You ARE awesome, Denise. I’d love to meet you sometimg. Maybe you and Julie and I could go to lunch sometime. Gotta go make my pumpkin challah bread for erev Shabbat tonite. Yay!!!

  79. Always wanted to read Mudhouse Sabbath, but always seem to get distracted by other books.

  80. dawn heckert said

    i love the vintage card. my Jewish neighbor kids would think i was so hip to send this for Hanukkah

  81. Danya Dahllin said

    I am so excited about mudhouse sabbath. I even remember you telling me about this book once!! GIVE IT TO ME!

  82. mrsmauss said

    I don’t know you, but I was linked to your blog by one Mrs. Rebekah Largent, and I’m glad I landed here! I’m Jewish ethnically, but am a Christian. I love the tradition and symbolism of Judiasim, and I think your blog is delightful, witty, and educational.

    Having said that, I’d LOVE to win the book. Even if I don’t win it, I’ll buy it. (But, uh, I’d still love to win it!) So, consider this my entry, and consider me a reader!

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