The Girl With the Hebrew Tattoo

October 24, 2011

In chapel today, I saw a girl with a Hebrew tattoo on her foot. They’re so hot right now, you guys. All the cool Christians have Hebrew tattoos. Sometimes I kind of want one too, but then I feel like I’d just be hopping on the Hebrew tattoo bandwagon, and I am my own person, you guys. Also, I’m kind of scared of pain and needles and pain.

Anyway, back to chapel and the girl with the Hebrew tattoo. (That just reminded me that that new movie about the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is coming out. It looks kind of creepy. But kind of intriguing. Have any of you read the books? Are they good? Are they creepy? Does anyone have a Hebrew tattoo on their foot?) Ok, for reals. Back to this boring story I’m telling you. Anyway, I was awkwardly staring at this girl’s foot, trying to figure out what it said. I finally figured out the word and how to pronounce it, but I didn’t know what it meant. Luckily I am at a seminary and it is filled with boring books like Hebrew dictionaries. So I just looked that word right on up. It was just three little letters, but the word means “to seek or take refuge.” I thought that was kind of beautiful — taking refuge in the Lord. Maybe I want a trendy, Hebrew tattoo after all.

I just wrote a blog post for Boundless and told everyone about all the biblical holidays we’ve been celebrating. Maybe we should make it a yearly event? Pretty soon we’ll all be living in little sukkahs, sporting our Hebrew foot tattoos and being awesome together. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Shalom, friends!


7 Responses to “The Girl With the Hebrew Tattoo”

  1. kristy said

    I have a Hebrew tattoo. On my foot. Now I feel unoriginal and lame. Good thing I also have that orange whale right above it just to throw everyone off.

  2. denisemorris said

    Yes, that totally makes it unique. No one expects the whale!

  3. Haha you can’t read my Hebrew unless you can read modern Hebrew… look at what a rebel I am!

  4. denisemorris said

    You are a rebel, Jessie! What does your tattoo say?

  5. JJReyes said

    Is it especially rebellious since the Hebrews were forbidden by law to get tattoos?

  6. denisemorris said

    Perhaps, JJ! 🙂 Although, from what I understand, in biblical times, people usually got tattoos as a way to honor or mark their body in worship of false gods. So, for the majority of people today, it has nothing to do with anything like that!

  7. Brittany said

    I’m disappointed. I thought I was being original and spiritual by wanting to get a tattoo in Hebrew on my foot. Shucks, darn it.

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