Aww, Sukkah Sukkah Now!

October 19, 2011


OK, you guys. I haven’t blogged in forty years but it’s because I took ill. I’ve been fighting the forces of death all week long. It was touch and go there for awhile. You know — head colds are really dangerous these days. So, really I’m fine, but I was sick last week and then I had to catch up with work and school, and old bloggy times suffered because of it. But now I’m back. Let’s make up and be friends again, OK?

I took a picture for you of the grilled cheese I made. Maybe I got distracted and forgot to check on it. Maybe. Anyone want to come over for dinner?

So, Sukkot ends todayish. As I mentioned before, it’s a week-long event in which you make a shelter (sukkah) in your yard and show hospitality to others. I didn’t spend much time outside (being sickly and all), but I did host Bible study one night and have my mentoring group from school over last weekend. I thought I’d share the joy of Sukkot and all my germs with everyone.

Sukkot is a holiday that looks forward to the messianic age when the Messiah will bring the final harvest and each person will enjoy peace and sit under their own vine and fig tree. The messianic age is related to Sukkot partially because Isaiah 4 says that in that day, God will create a canopy of glory over those gathered at Mt. Zion and it will be a “sukkah and shade from the heat of the day.”

As Christians, we look forward to that time when Jesus returns and makes all things new. John related Jesus’ first coming to Sukkot (the feast of tabernacles) as well. John was the hippie disciple, you know, (he was all about the love), and he felt the freedom to just make up words. In the original Greek, John 1:4 says that Jesus, the Word, became flesh and “tabernacled among us.” The first ingathering of Sukkot has already happened, and we look forward to the second — the age of peace when Jesus returns and our sukkahs are made from the glory of God, and our hospitality and fellowship is with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit forever and ever. Yeah!

OK, the fall holidays are over now, you guys! The next biblical ones come in the spring. But don’t worry. Simchat Torah is kind of cool, and that’s this Friday. And later we’ll take a look at Hanukkah and Purim. ALSO, I think we’ll have plenty to talk about because, clearly, I will continue to burn grilled cheese and like Jewish things and want to complain about my mild cold.

K, bye!


3 Responses to “Aww, Sukkah Sukkah Now!”

  1. Ashley said

    1. Your title is clever.
    2. I love the image of God being our shade from the heat of the day.
    3. Will there be dreidel songs at Hanukkah?

  2. denisemorris said

    So many dreidel songs.

  3. Jemima said

    oh my i think i love you, we are currently studying the Jewish feasts too in my church, you are definetely speaking my language..ill be sticking around:)

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