Because My Throat is Sore

October 11, 2011

Oh, hi.

This will not be a very long or interesting or informative or useful or worth-your-time blog post because I don’t feel berry good today. Last night in my theology class I was very whiny because my eyes hurt and my head hurt, and I thought I was just making myself feel sick because I didn’t want to be in theology class. But I woke up with a real sore throat today! Poor, poor me. You should probably send me some treats to help me feel better. And some money. And some Tim Riggins.

Our next biblical holiday, Sukkot, starts tomorrow at sundown, so I will try to quit whining about my throat long enough to write something up. Also, for Sukkot you’re supposed to literally build a shelter, like with nails and wood and a hammer, so it’s sure to be disastrous. I’m not going to build anything, folks. Let’s not even pretend that will happen.

So, because I am not feeling that great, I went through my iPhone to find some recent pictures to share with you. It’s sure to be very, very exciting.

This is a car I saw while driving home from school one day. It’s a Ghostbusters car. For real. I’m not sure if it is actually used to bust ghosts, or if it’s a novelty item. Either way, I felt sad for the driver.

This is a trailer that is apparently a full-service dog washing business. A pickup truck was pulling it along, ready to wash some dogs. Can’t get out of the house? No problem. Tina will come to you. Don’t have running water at your house to rinse off your own dog? Have running water at your house, but you’re way too lazy to clean your puppy? DO NOT EVEN WORRY. Tina is on her way and will be at your place in a jiffy. Do it for your dog, you guys.

Speaking of animals, here is some beautiful fabric I saw at Hobby Lobby the other day. It’s soft, just like a cat. It’s cozy, just like a cat. And if you’re ever missing your cats, don’t even worry because this fabric is full of cats. Gorgeous. Jilly Bean, I have already started stitching this into a quilt for you.

So, I like vintage things, and this summer I’d been looking for a cute, green vintage fan for my room. Of course, I didn’t want to pay more than a dollar, so it was tough. But, I was at an antique fair one day and the winds of luck blew (hahaha! like a fan!) my way, you guys. I found this darling, vintage fan for $20!

Well, in an unfortunate turn of events, I am illiterate. I plugged my fan in and turned it on and got very confused because it was blowing hot air on me. Like really hot air. I looked at the tag on my fan and saw that it said “heater.” I had bought a darling little heater for $20. Because I’m awesome. The awesomeness continued because I apparently accidentally take screen shots on my phone a lot. After my heater/fan debacle I texted my friend Diana about it, and since I am unable to read and unable to use technology, I found this gem in my pictures.

 I can’t read, I take a lot of accidental pictures with my phone (I don’t even know how to purposely do a screen shot), and according to the space bar on my phone, I am typing in Spanish. Don’t be jealous, y’all. It’s quite a treat being me.

Well, lastly, and most awesomely, I will show you my new favorite thing on my fridge.

If you ever need a reminder to be awesome, to be good at your marriage, to have gorgeous hair, or to say “y’all” a lot, just think, What Would Tami Taylor Do? I got this sticker from Liz over at Peace, Love and Guacamole. She’s a blogger, and she made these, and she sent me one just because I asked! Read her blog. It’s what Tami Taylor would do, y’all.

K, I gotta go find someone to whine to about my sore throat. I’ll see you tomorrow to talk about Sukkot!


9 Responses to “Because My Throat is Sore”

  1. Well, after reading this, I’d say it was worth reading. It really IS the little things in life…

  2. Becca said

    For Sukkot, rather than building a shelter, I’m simply going to read the chapter about it in Lauren Winner’s book. A lot less hazardous. 🙂

  3. Suzanne said

    I need to see you! I know I say this often, but I really, really mean it. 🙂 Let’s have coffee or food or coffee and food!

  4. denisemorris said

    Rusty — it really is. Those little things keep us going.

    Becca — I like that idea, and I think I will follow along.

    Suzanne — I like coffee AND food! I think we can make it happen. Castle Rock?

  5. I think you should build a fort to sleep in. Forts are pretty fun, and how often do you have an excuse to build one?

  6. denisemorris said

    I did think about that. A fort would be fun. I loved them when I was little. I bet I still would.

  7. kerry said

    Well on the bright side, if you build a fort and it is cold, you can stay warm with your really cool fan, I mean heater.

  8. […] be my Ingalls Instinct ™ kicking in. I’ve been using my cute little vintage heater (that I thought was a fan), the fireplace and candles. With those things it gets to over 70 degrees in here, so we’re […]

  9. […] be up early Saturday morning looking for darling vintage finds. Also, remember how I bought that heater that I thought was a fan last year? This year I have resolved to read tags before making […]

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