Shofar I Haven’t Gotten Much Done This Week

September 29, 2011

Clever. Title. Clever. Ness.

Here are the things I’ve accomplished this week: Making my bed (once), watching Parenthood (It was so good! Did you guys watch? Zeke was killing me.), taking off my old nail polish, boiling 11 eggs so that I could eat them as a good source of protein (I’ve eaten zero of them so far. Therefore, I still have 11 boiled eggs left. That is a lot of boiled eggs. I have carried one around in my lunch bag, though, and brought it back home with me every night. The first day, I did not have it in a ziploc bag and it smelled like an egg and it was gross. Apparently I’m not all that in to eating boiled eggs. Anyone want to come over for egg salad?!).

Here are the things I have not accomplished this week: Making my bed more than once, washing my hair, not being obese, eating an egg, studying any Greek, controlling my TV-watching so that I can study Greek.

So Rosh HaShanah starts at sundown tonight. In Judaism, the new day starts at sundown because in the creation account in Genesis, it says “and there was evening and there was morning, the first day” and so on. The Bible puts evening first in a day, so the Jews do as well.

Rosh HaShanah literally means “head of the year,” because it is the start of the Jewish new year (Hebrew skills!). God commanded the people to celebrate it in Leviticus 23:23-25. It’s a very short section, and it doesn’t say anything about a new year — God refers to it as a time of remembering. God tells the people not to do any work that day. I approve of this, although I’m not sure my professors at my evangelical seminary will buy my excuse that I have suddenly become a practicing Jew who needs a sabbath. I’ll let you know. Instead of work, God tells the people they should get together and commemorate the holiday with the sounding of the shofar.

A shofar is a ram’s horn, and it was used like a trumpet. I’ve heard it a few times (sometimes it sounds really cool, and other times, if the person hasn’t practiced a ton, it doesn’t. Jeff, I’m looking at you. Although, you have improved over the years. :-)) No one really knows why God commanded the blowing of the shofar on Rosh HaShanah, but many believe it was a call to repentance, because ten days later is Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).

This guy is better than Jeff.

That’s pretty much all the holiday is. There are some traditions that go along with it, which I’ll blog about tomorrow. (It includes me attempting to make challah bread, which includes yeast and letting things rise and knowing how to bake, so I’m assuming things will go very badly.)

L’shanah tovah! (Happy New Year!)


10 Responses to “Shofar I Haven’t Gotten Much Done This Week”

  1. Kim said

    boiled eggs are gross…what were you thinking?!? also, you could watch Greek on netflix as party of your studying. best of both worlds.

  2. denisemorris said

    I like boiled eggs! In theory. Also, that is a wonderful idea! Watch Greek — done and done!

  3. You need to connect with my Office Manager Peg. I introduced her to your blog and she makes challah bread. She could teach you how.

  4. denisemorris said

    Peg, help me!

    Update: You guys, the egg I’ve been carrying around was smashed today. I had to throw him away. But here’s the good news: I had 10 more in the fridge! And I actually ate one! It was tasty.

  5. Not sure I approve of you calling me out on my mad shofar skills. Nobody rocks the shofar like I do.

  6. denisemorris said

    Well, Jeff, that is true. No one plays the shofar like you do…

  7. My Jewish neighbor calls it Holly Bread. I make it for special treats ’cause it’s so fun to braid it. Of course when the kids were little I never got to do the braiding ’cause my daughter thought that was the best part, too. I’ve had beautiful loaves and not so beautiful, but you know what? They always taste good! And I’ve learned NOT to share with my neighbor because the sugar in it set off her diabetes. Grrrr.

  8. denisemorris said

    Paula: That’s so fun that you make challah! I’m excited to try it out!

  9. Julie said

    Hello Denise, Great Blog! Would love to see your testimony posted sometime. The picture of the man & the shofar. May we use that in a presentation to a church??

  10. denisemorris said

    Hi, Julie! I found that picture on the internet — it’s not mine.

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