A List

September 13, 2011

You guys. That title could be read two ways. Unfortunately, it’s not the cool way. I’ve not been invited to any A-list parties by my best friend, Landry. No, the title just refers to the fact that this post will be in list form. Sad.

What, you haven't seen this yet? Just Jaci and me with Jesse Plemons from Friday Night Lights. NBD. Whatevs. Let's not even talk about it. Boring.

I guess I only blog when I am supremely desperate to avoid work. Today is that day. I have so very much to do, but that overwhelms me, and when I get overwhelmed I just end up doing nothing. It’s really not all that successful of a way to operate, but hey, you’re getting a blog post so quit judging.

Also, since my overwhelmed brain is not good at putting together sentences today (which is really making things rough for the poor, incomprehensible Rio lesson I’m working on), today’s blog post will be brought to you in the form of a list. A numbered list, even. Fancy.

1. We are back in the old swing of things here at Den Sem. Let’s agree to define “swing of things” as “I stumble to class, stare blankly at the professor, stagger over to the library, and then spend a lot of time whining to everyone about the amount of homework that I’m not doing.” I am officially taking 11 credits, which already feels like plenty, but for the next month, I’m also sitting in on some Greek classes. Which leads us to fascinating fact #2…

2. I’m going to Israel next summer! Shema it, y’all. School is going on a trip, and I feel that it is my privilege and duty as a delusional, wannabe Jewess to go along. I’m super excited, but it’s caused a bit of a struggle for my schedule. I need to take Greek next summer, but I’ll miss the first two weeks because of the trip. Therefore, I’m sitting in on some Greek classes right now so that I am not completely lost when I get back from the pilgrimage to my homeland next June. I’m so excited!!! Israel, you guys. And I’ll be able to read lots of Hebrew and I’ll get to visit the Old City and I’ll come back a real Jew. I’ve even heard some rumors that Jilly Bean is going to tag along!

3. My friend Micah is getting married next week, which means fun times in Arkansas! We’re heading down on Wednesday, and I’m super excited to see The Doge get hitched. I tried my bridesmaid dress on a couple of days ago and, in an unfortunate turn of events, I seem to have gained 78.3 pounds since I last tried it on. I think I’m going to try that trick from I Love Lucy and sit in a steam machine for the next few days. I could try to quit eating nonstop, but that doesn’t sound like as much fun.

4. Some of the fall TV shows premiere this week and I’m thrilled! (Again with the judging! I told you to stop.) I’m looking forward to my old favorite Parenthood. I also want to see if the new shows Up All Night, The New Girl, Person of Interest, and Whitney are any good. Any shows you’re looking forward to?

5. I had a party a couple of weeks ago. I’m on a vintage kick, so it was very old school. Maybe I will post some pics on a day that I’m not so very lazy. What a glorious day that will be.

6. Because school and work and life can be overwhelming, these are my theme verses for the semester. We press on, not with grit-our-teeth strength, but with the glory-strength God graciously gives to us. Amen and amen.

7. Bye. I’ll try to write again soon. (Probably sooner than you think, as blog posts are so much more fun than papers and translation homework!)


3 Responses to “A List”

  1. Suzanne said

    When I’m trying to avoid work, I check my Facebook and Gmail repeatedly to see if I’ve received any messages. Then, if I have no messages, I start clicking on links, which is how I ended up here!

    Sounds like you have some fun things in your near future. Thanks for the update. I’ll look forward to your next post (as it helps me avoid all the work I should be doing!)

  2. Micah said

    You’d better bring that steam machine with you to Arkansas. I think I’m going to need it. Kthanxbai.

  3. Holly S said

    oh you are going to have SO much fun! what a BLAST! i went two years ago and my heart is just longing to go again! you better blog about that!

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