Random Crazy

July 25, 2011


I felt like writing you a blog post today. Remember how I would like to be a blogger who has a lot of readers and who makes money from ads on her blog? And remember how that doesn’t happen to people who blog every 28 days? I’m not very good at following my dreams, I guess.

Also, who wants to read a blog about my boring summer that has consisted of writing lessons, writing papers, studying for tests, complaining about the heat in Denver, and learning about Pope Innocent III’s power trip? I certainly don’t.

I finished my summer class last Friday, so now I have a whole month off before school starts again! I’m going to celebrate by writing a lesson. And I’m going to visit Jaci in August (I think it’s always a good idea to go to Texas in the middle of August), and my mom is coming to visit later in the month. It will be good times, you guys.

I saw HP7p2 this weekend. (If you don’t know what that means, then I’m sorry that your life is without joy and awesomeness and invisibility cloaks.)

I thought it was really, really good. A fitting end. They changed a few things I didn’t feel like they needed to change, but overall I was content with the way they sent off Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Snape and Voldemort’s evil baby soul.

So, to go along with the nerdiness of my boring summer, I’ve been in fully hypochondriac mode. As you know, I was pretty sure I was going blind for awhile. My eye doctor thwarted that drama by telling me that my eyes are very healthy, but dry. So I’ve been eye-dropping it up like crazy. After being reassured that my left eye wasn’t going to fall out, I had to find a new crazy obsession. Therefore, I am now convinced that I have hyperthyroid. I’m actually kind of hoping for this one because I need some kind of excuse for my thighs. Seriously, though, until the last two weeks, I have been working out like a madwoman and eating rice cakes and carrots for months. I have not lost one pound. I find that extremely rude and unfair, so my only hope is that my thyroid is messed up. I mean, this is how big my thighs used to be:

Granted, I was like seven, but still. I’ll spare you a current picture, but suffice it to say, I no longer fit into that terrycloth romper thing I’m wearing in that picture. (Also, is “suffice it to say” correct? Or is it “suffice to say”? Or “sufficed to say”? Or “sufferin’ succotash”?)

So, I complained about church history a lot this summer, but now that the pain is over, I’m actually so appreciative of what I learned. It was a really fascinating class, and I have a new appreciation for the history of the church. I feel like I have a greater understanding of what “separation of church and state” means, and what the founding fathers had in mind after experiencing corrupt government and power-hungry popes working together. I also feel like I have seen a pattern of things that started out with good intentions that were eventually corrupted by greed, power and legalism. Basically, we tend to ruin things because we are sinful and in need of Jesus’ grace each and every day. I also am hopeful for the future of Christianity because, even though secularism is on the rise in Europe and North America, faith is growing in Africa, Asia and South America. Our God is in control and His truth will grow and spread to every tribe, tongue and nation.

One last thing: I felt overwhelmed this weekend with so many serious things to pray for. One of those is the tragedy in Norway. Such an evil; such hatred. Pray that the Lord will be at work in the hearts of many, bringing peace, comfort, truth and redemption.

It’s Monday, you guys. I’m sorry about that. But I read a blog post today that reminded me that even boring moments are “to be blessed.” Bless God in everything, for everything. He is good.

* UPDATE: Jaci corrected me. I am insanely convinced that I have hypothyroid, not hyperthyroid.


5 Responses to “Random Crazy”

  1. jaci said

    Small correction: You should be convinced you have hypothyroid. Hyper would mean you were losing weight.

  2. denisemorris said

    Yes, thank you! I got it wrongs.

  3. kerry said

    Good thing Jaci corrected you or I would have had to! I have been praying for Hyperthyroidism since the day we study it in class. On the bright side Denise I bet your clothes fit better and your weight hasn’t changed because you are gaining more muscle and everyone knows that muscle is heavier than fat. Just like a ton of feathers is lighter than a ton of bricks right! 😉

  4. Brandy said

    Denise, I am so very understanding of your ailments. For the longest time, I was convinced that my teeth were shrinking. (As I type this, I’m thinking maybe it should actually be a secret that I felt that way, but oh well. Jeff definitely thinks I should keep things like this a secret.) My dentist was nice enough to take my worries very seriously and then promise me that my teeth were fine and normal and not shrinking.

    Also, I loved HP7, too. But the baby Voldemort did creep me out. I was also super glad that Harry was wearing clothes in that scene. (You know how in the book he first wakes up and realizes he’s naked? I was very worried that would make it into the movie, seeing as how they neglected to keep clothes in the Harry and Hermione scene in the last movie.)

  5. denisemorris said

    Brandy — ahaha! I love it. Why did you think your teeth were shrinking? I’m glad to have a friend to be crazy with. 🙂

    Oh my, I was so glad he wasn’t naked too! That was a huge relief. Seriously, what was up with that Harry/Hermoine scene? There was no need to add that in.

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