Nature and Ice Cream Adventures

June 27, 2011

Hi, pumpkins (and Eva)!

How was your weekend? I went camping, you guys! In the nature! I was very worried that we might get attacked by bears, but luckily we survived. We did have a close call with a squirrel who was trying to eat our snacks, though. I’ll try to post a pictorial essay for you soon, but I’ll need my friends to post their pictures on the Facebooks. I’m usually pretty good at bringing my camera places, but I am pretty awful at actually taking photos. I do have one from my phone that pretty much sums up our weekend, though.

There was a fire ban in Chaffee County, you see. Fire Ranger Fred came by our campsite to give us the friendly little reminder that if there was even a hint of smoke in our firepit we could be fined $5-$10,000 and have to appear in federal court. They do not mess around when it comes to a dry season in the Colorado mountains, you guys. Therefore, we were unable to cook the campfire treats we brought with us, and we were forced to go into Buena Vista to eat hamburgers at K’s. (There have been some rumors that we went to K’s earlier for ice cream even before we knew about the fire ban. I am not at liberty to confirm or deny the truth of these rumors.)

K’s Old Fashioned Burgers is a treat of a restaurant. There are about 9,000 14-year-olds working there, and it only takes them about 67 minutes to complete each order. Who knew that pushing down the lever of the ice cream machine could take sixty years? Before my trip to K’s, I did not. But it can. It can, indeed. Getting the treats to the customer in a jiffy is not K’s specialty. The burgers were pretty good, though, and we got to do some people watching, so I decided to forgive.

I will try to let you know more about the camping adventure later, but right now, I really need to focus on some work. It has been tough to get going today. Perhaps because I recently discovered that Netflix has all eight seasons of The Cosby Show. That Rudy Huxtable is darling, you guys. And old Heathcliff will not take any guff from Theo. Will not.

OK, I best be going. Hope you had a good weekend and didn’t eat quite as much ice cream as I did!


5 Responses to “Nature and Ice Cream Adventures”

  1. Steve Cross said

    Hahaha…I jove the Denise Morris blog. I laughed no less than 67 times in one reading.

  2. denisemorris said

    Steve! Whilst camping in the nature this weekend, I had a lot of dreams (mainly because it was so freezing and uncomfortable on the deflated air mattress). ANYWAY, in one of my dreams, I was making a movie with Adam Sandler, but it made me late for the school singing competition that you and I were singing in!! I am so sorry for being late. You were quite upset. Please forgive.

  3. kerry said

    Wow Denise! We went camping this weekend in the nature too! We even went for ice cream at DQ but I had to ride a bike for 6 miles to get it. It was worth it. I also got bit by mosquitoes no less than 787 times. For real. They were really bad cuz we were camping in a pine forest full of poison ivy. Poison ivy is bad. Derek knows this for real now.

  4. denisemorris said

    Kerry, good work biking in! We drove in air conditioning. We are not good at life.

    Also, I saw zero mosquitoes on our camping trip. That is the benefit of Colorado’s dry weather!

  5. Leah said

    haha. Where I live, there are fire bans most of the time. If you go camping, you simply don’t count on making a fire and always take a fuel stove!

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