A Little of This. A Tad of That.

June 23, 2011


I decided to write you a little note. Mostly I am doing this because, for some reason, I just don’t want to do any work. I really need to do some work — I have plenty of lessons and reading and papers. But I just don’t wanna! I just wanna bang on this drum all day.

So I hope you’re doing just so fabulously! My summer has mostly consisted of school, work and working out. I’ve also spent a big chunk of it avoiding school, work and working out.

I am taking a church history class this summer, and it’s really interesting. I think as an Evangelical, I just never really learned any of this stuff for some reason. We got to read a novel, which has been the best part — I never get to read fiction now that I’m in seminary. I read The Pillars of the Earth, which is historical fiction about 12th century England. Let me tell you what — those folks had not heard of separation of church and state. They were so intertwined, and it was not good. I think people nowadays go overboard and have misunderstood what our founding fathers were talking about with that phrase (I don’t think they meant that government can’t have anything to do with religion, etc.). However, I do think I better understood what they had in mind after reading this book. The kings and the bishops were always fighting one another for power, and the truth of the gospel was completely lost. It just goes to show you that we are sinful people who are in constant need of the grace of God. We tend to ruin everything — even things that start out with good, God-honoring intentions.

Lesson of the day.

OK, I always think blog posts are better with pictures, but unfortunately, I haven’t really taken any cool ones lately. Let me see what I can find…

Here is a picture of a citywide church service in Englewood. My church participated, and it was so cool. A number of Jesus-loving churches came together for a joint service at the Englewood football field. They invited the whole community. It was neat.

Here is a blurry picture of my friend Diana in a bookstore in a darling Denver neighborhood called The Highlands.

And here is a picture of a darling house in that darling neighborhood. I want to live there someday. It would be darling.

Here is a poorly-lit picture of me. Jaci and I are kind of pretending to not really do Kendi’s current 30-for-30 summer fashion challenge. I was sending Jaci a picture of my outfit. As you can tell, I took a professional Photo Booth pic. Only the best.

This is a picture of someone skiing on a literal pond in Colorado. A Minnesotan wouldn’t be caught dead skiing on that “lake.” Coloradans don’t know any better, though. Poor things. (Also, I so did not (did) take this picture while driving.)

And finally, this is my friend Nehemiah. His mom threw a surprise birthday party for his dad last night. It was super good times. We had cupcakes. I can’t quite remember, but I think they might have had blue frosting on them.

Ok, I best be going. I have not working to get back to. I hope you’re having a good day and enjoying a lovely summer afternoon.

Loves, friends!



5 Responses to “A Little of This. A Tad of That.”

  1. Rebekah Largent said

    Friendly warning….do NOT watch the mini-series “Pillars of the Earth” (based on the book, of course) unless you want to be offended by WAY too much sexuality/nudity. I was like, “WHOA!” And then I was like “whoa…..”

  2. denisemorris said

    Yes! There are so many sexy times in the book too! Way too many. No one needs to read/see medieval sexy times.

  3. I was halfway through the third paragraph before I realized this was NOT a letter to some theoretical pumpkins.

    *I* am the pumpkin.

    You’d think I’d know you better by now.

  4. Anonymous said

    Nehemiah says, “Hi nanny Denise! I cant wait for you to come live with me and be my nanny.”

  5. denisemorris said

    Eva — seriously, I’m disappointed in you, pumpkin. 😉

    Nehemiah — please tell your mother to quit harassing me. Also tell her to pay my rent in Denver so that I can be your nanny. See you soon!

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