Well, Hello!

June 3, 2011

Friends. Well. How is everyone?

I haven’t blogged in a whole month, you guys! Ever since the fashion challenge finished, I have been dying of school and work. I finished spring finals and went straight to summer classes. It has been cray-cray. But today I think is a good day to say “hi.”

So, what has happened lately? Jaci came to visit a few weeks ago! We explored Denver and visited friends in the Springs. I would show you a pictorial essay of our Super Fun Times, but neither of us remembered to snap one photo the entire trip. We’re not very good at life.

So in the past few weeks my friends Steve and Ginna had a beautiful baby girl, there was a tornado in my dad’s neighborhood in Minnesota, I watched some West Wing, and I’ve written at least 900 papers.

I also took a class on Jewish Evangelism, which was so cool. We learned a storying method as a way of talking to people about faith. Basically, instead of pulling out verses from Romans and divorcing things from their context, we learned Bible stories. We learned how to tell them to people and then we simply asked questions about the story we had just learned.

We read a book called Truth That Sticks, which I cannot recommend highly enough. Basically, the book points out that we remember stories. We probably don’t remember what our pastor’s three-point sermon focused on two weeks ago, but we remember stories — from movies, books, plays, the Bible.

We also talked about how in church on Sunday, we might use the Bible stories as an anecdote before getting into the main “meat” of the sermon, which would basically be our three points and application. We think Bible stories as lessons are just for children. But why on earth would we think that? More than 75 percent of the Bible is story — God chose to reveal himself to us through the stories in the Bible. About 99 percent of the time, Jesus answered questions with stories or more questions. This storying method is biblical. Also, having used it with friends and strangers a few times in the past few weeks, it’s a natural method. We’re all willing to listen to a story and then give our opinions on it. It’s a great way to start conversations. Anyway, I loved it. Read that book. Then learn a Bible story and tell it to someone.

I should go. Oh, hey, though. I’m on the Boundless podcast this week. They asked me to come be on a panel talking about womanhood and femininity. I think they wanted me as the rebel because I’ve written articles about how I refuse to wear proper, Christian-girl embroidered vests. You should listen though, because the other ladies had some great thoughts. You can get to the post here, and then you can either download the podcast through iTunes or, if that’s too difficult (Mom), you can just push the little “play” button right there in the post.

Ok, have a lovely weekend. I will try to pop in again next week!


4 Responses to “Well, Hello!”

  1. Rebekah said

    So, you did the storying thing with Judy Olsen, right? Don’t know if the connection was ever made, but she was in Leigh’s and my house church when that was still going. I mentioned that you’d posted about storying on Facebook to Judy, and she said she met you and thought very highly of you.:)

  2. denisemorris said

    Yes, Judy was so great! And she mentioned that she knew you and Leigh! So fun!

  3. Jaci said

    How did we not take any photos? Not even an iPhone one. We are pretty bad at life.

  4. Debbie Johnson said

    Denise Ruth! Jerry and I are in Breckenridge celebrating our anniversary. Is there any chance you would be available to have lunch on Tuesday? We would come to Denver. I know this is completely last minute, but we would love to see you. I’ll try to reach you in other ways, too. Hope to see you soon!

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