Outfit #30!

May 4, 2011

30-for-30 done and done and done!!!

Shirt and skirt: Gap. Belt: Target. Scarf: I don’t remember. Shoes: Ross — this is the first (and last) time I wore these in the challenge because we’ve had such chilly weather.

I’m really glad this challenge is done because I’m tired of having to take pictures and I’m ready to wear some new clothes (and go shopping!). But, it’s been so good, you guys. It really hasn’t been difficult to come up with new outfit combinations each day, which has surprised me. I know I could’ve gone a few more days if I needed to. It’s made me realize how much I already have — the rest of my closet looks gigantic to me now. And if I could make this many outfits with 30 pieces of clothing, I feel like my outfit combinations are endless now that the rest of my closet has opened up to me. I also have realized what items I definitely want to get — I think I’ll make fewer impulse choices because I know what I want to add to my collection. Also, I feel like I could go on vacation with a carry-on suitcase and still have a lot of cute outfits. Overall, even though it’s kind of a silly challenge, it has been an exercise in discipline, creativity and gratefulness. It really has. I liked it. But now it’s time to go get these shoes. And maybe these. And perhaps this.

Anyhoo. I have no clue what to wear today. Pressure.

Did you guys see Will Ferrell on Conan? It gets kind of dirty but overall, it was super funny. The Excalibeard runs on pure righteousness.

OK, I best be going. I’ll try to think of something interesting to post tomorrow (perhaps picture bloopers. Believe me, there are plenty).

Kristy and I had fun with the 30-for-30. Thanks for tuning in!


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