Umm, Here’s My Weekend.

May 2, 2011

Y’all. This was not a good weekend for fashion. Really for getting dressed in general. (Although, Friday was pretty good.)

On Saturday I was pretty crabby because of all I have to do, and my poor friend Diana got the brunt of it while we studied at Panera. I was whiny and complainy and awful. Because of my horribleness, I pretty much just wanted to be comfy. And I wasn’t quite in the right mood to take pictures. So, here’s how Saturday’s photo shoot turned out.

Jeans: Express. Shirt: Gap: Shoes: TOMS. Sweater and scarf: Target. Crabbiness: grad school classes.

Do you see Diana and Courtney’s new coffee table? They got it at The Barn a.k.a. The Best Place on Earth.

Saturday night got about ten times better, though, because we spent the evening eating cheese and caramel and watching The Bodyguard.

You guys, I love that movie. When I was young, we taped it off of TV (so that there was less cussing) and I watched that VHS constantly. That soundtrack is wonderful, and old Frank Farmer was the best bodyguard on the market. And Ieeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will always love that movie.

So, I got over my attitude problem, but not my laziness. I’m not going to lie to you — I wore sweats the entire day on Sunday. I spent most of my time on the couch watching old episodes of Arrested Development. I felt kind of like a bum, but also, it was a lovely way to spend the day. So, I didn’t get dressed, but here is a pic of what I was planning to wear before I slept through the alarm that was supposed to get me up for church.

Sad, I know. Anyway, only two days left of the challenge!

So, Osama bin Laden is dead. This is a big deal for America — a huge victory after 9/11 and his elusiveness for so many years. Honestly, I felt happy he was gone, and I felt like justice has been served. I liked the President’s speech and I felt so proud of our troops and the work they’ve done. I still do feel that way, but I am also reminded that the Bible tells us to pray for our enemies, and that we should pray for hearts to be changed instead of delighting in death. And I mostly am reminded of this because I know that God has not shown me the justice I deserve. I am reminded that God’s mercy is so outside of my human rationality. And I’m grateful for it.

OK, I promise to get dressed today. And to be less crabby, Diana.

Have a good Monday!


One Response to “Umm, Here’s My Weekend.”

  1. Alecia said

    Looks like you and your Denver friends had a delightful Saturday! 🙂

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