Squares Dancing

April 30, 2011


It is Saturday and I am kind of crabby. Mainly because there’s always so much work to do, and my house is never clean. Also because I procrastinate, which tends to cause unnecessary pain and cursing.

HOWEVER, I am going to cheer up for this blog post because yesterday was a fun day!

Here’s outfit #26. It was super nice out yesterday, so I went sleeveless. But don’t worry; it was snowing by the end of the day.

Jeans: Express. Weird nightgown shirt: Anthropologie. Belt: Forever 21. Shoes: Payless. Scarf: Old Navy. Earrings: some random store in Austin.

So, last night we went to the Selah Gala, put on by Denver Seminary. We got a country dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, hush puppies, and pickled beets. (Yes, beets.) Also, I really should’ve taken a picture of my plate of chicken because it was literally an entire plate full of chicken. Each of us got a thigh, a wing, a breast and a leg . You guys, that is so much chicken to have sitting on a plate in front of you. Also, I do not do very well with meat on a bone. As much as I wanted to live on the prairie with Pa, Ma, and Laura, I do not think I would have survived, because it was really difficult to find packaged, boneless, skinless chicken breasts in Walnut Grove back in the day. So, my plateful of bony chicken was a bit much for me to deal with. I picked at a couple of bites before  handing my leftovers (a.k.a. my entire chicken) to the meatlovers across the table.

There was a hoedown at the Selah Gala, which meant that we got to dance some square dances. I love dancing, you guys. Diana and Kristy refused to dance and instead took some delightful pictures with random statues around the building, but I found a group of cool peeps to dosado with me. All I was missing was one of these outfits.

Speaking of outfits, Kristy and I decided we could cheat on the challenge for this very special, country occasion. I got some cowboy boots at  Buffalo Exchange and they are my new favorites. I did stick with one of my 30 items for the rest of my outfit, though. It wasn’t really out of commitment to the challenge; it was more because after almost 30 days of doing this, searching through the rest of my closet feels kind of overwhelming. So, here we are all dressed up in our country western finest.

Dress: Anne Taylor Loft. Earrings: Forever 21. Belt: American Eagle. Boots: Yee haw!

OK, I best be going — I’ve got a lot of crabbiness to get to. Hope your weekend is swell times!


4 Responses to “Squares Dancing”

  1. Oh, Denise, you are looking SO cute! I love the Anthropology-shirt-gown outfit. And I am jealous that your 30-Day photos are turning out so much better than mine!

  2. denisemorris said

    Thanks, Suzanne! Kristy and I have practiced pictures — I think we’re getting better over the month. I’m loving your pics too!

  3. […] Y’all. This was not a good weekend for fashion. Really for getting dressed in general. (Although, Friday was pretty good.) […]

  4. Anonymous said

    A lovely person and I am lucky to find her.

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